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6 Ways to Master Sweater Dressing According to Michael Kors

Michael Kors might have houses around the globe, in places as magnificently relaxing as Florida and Long Island, but even he dreams of really, truly cutting loose. “We all dream of escaping to the country,” he told British Vogue’s Fashion Critic, Anders Christian Madsen, before his autumn/winter 2020 show. “But it’s not a reality for how we live.” Fashioning a new reality, then, was about “having the polish and the glamour but the cosiness at the same time.”

How does that manifest itself, you may well ask? Two words: Sweater dressing – though with a sexy spin. Kors’s idea was to pair chunky, double-layered Aran knits over metallic pleats; supersized polo necks over short, plaid blanket-style skirts; and heavy heritage sweaters over leggings and riding boots. One 12-ply cashmere style was even whipstitched with the softest leather, its tassels left to fly provocatively – the “heirloom-to-be,” as Kors quipped. And if sweaters aren’t your thing? Well, your glittering evening gown now comes with a cosy caveat – just add a Brobdingnagian scarf, like Kaia. Here, six ways to up your knitwear game courtesy of Michael Kors.

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