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This Ramadan, Marzook’s Latest Collaboration Will Add a Touch of Royalty to Your Iftar

This Ramadan, sibling designer-duo Shouq Al Marzouq and Fahad Al Marzouq are launching their debut homeware collection. Following the success of their brand Marzook’s Ramadan ready-to-wear capsule collection last year, the Kuwaiti designers are now bringing Arabian opulence to your table through their collection of dinnerware and accessories.


On their debut homeware collection, the Marzook siblings joined forces with Nimerology, the London-based Turkish-Palestinian run brand known for their high-end tableware, to create a range of dishes, cups, coffee mugs, serving plates, and ashtrays. “As a creative brand, we are always looking for opportunities to expand Marzook’s products via exciting collaborations, especially with homeware. Ramadan is a special time to feast with your family and loved ones and what better time to launch a unique English bone plate collection than now.  This collaboration with UK brand Nimerology, is inspired by the opulence and a time of ultimate glamour,” shared Fahad Al Marzouq with

In elegant colors of white and green, the collaborative collection has been aptly named “Zumurud”, which translates to emerald in Arabic. Keeping in line with the tableware, Marzook’s ready-to-wear Ramadan collection will also feature new gem-toned pill bags in emerald, ruby, and diamonds.

For their inspiration behind the new collection, Marzook looked to the grand coronation of the Shah of Persia, Mohamed Reza Pahlavi. The lavish ceremony titled “King of Kings” took place in 1967 and was celebrated with eighteen tons of food served to royals and celebrities that flew in from all over the world to Tehran. “Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi and Farah Deba especially have always been a source of inspiration in terms of fashion for the world,” says Shouq Al Marzouq.

“This ceremony was one of the most lavish events thrown in the region, It marked the first time a woman was crowned, Empress Farah, wearing the most beautiful crown made by Van Cleef & Arpels Crown especially for the occasion. She was the first Empress to be crowned in the 2,500 years of the Persian Empire. This was the main inspiration behind the Ready-to-Wear Collection, the Jewel tone Pill bags, and the dinner plate design.”

Similar to the way in which the event was monumental during the Shah’s reign, Marzook’s venture into the home goods industry marks a new modern era for the brand. Marzook is renowned for its trademark spherical bags which have adorned the arms of many A-list personalities of the likes of Bella Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, Amal Clooney, Kylie Jenner, Ciara, Chrissy Teigen, and Lupita Nyong’o.


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