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Actor Sumaya Rida Sparkles in Regal, Whimsical Jewelry from Marli New York

Cleo earrings, bracelet, and ring in white gold with diamonds, Marli New York; dress, Sol Angeles at Tutus Kurniati. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

Contemporary fine jewelry brand Marli New York has always been infatuated with unapologetic women who exude a distinctive sense of elegance. Traits perfectly encapsulated by Saudi Arabian actor Sumaya Rida – and a perfect symbiosis is created between the Rashash star and Marli New York. Rida’s notable charisma, sophisticated presence, and unmistakable talent seem to exalt each piece of exquisite jewelry that she wears for this shoot.

Madison earrings, necklace, and bracelet in white gold with diamonds, Marli New York; jumpsuit, Alexander McQueen. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

For Rida, jewelry means much more than just accessorizing. Stressing on jewelry’s capability to help with both confidence and feeling more in tune with oneself, Rida says, “I put a lot of meaning to what I wear. Because what we wear affects our mood, and as an actor I wear jewelry to cultivate the energy of distinction and uniqueness in everything I do.” As a woman making waves in a landscape that is often dominated by men, this is an attribute that is important for her. What does being a modern woman mean to Rida? She answers without hesitation: “Someone who is not afraid of being judged by others and does what she believes to be right at the end of the day.” A philosophy that she has certainly played out in her acting career over the years – and one that Marli New York also holds dear. “One of my main goals as a Saudi artist is to help deliver our stories across to other countries and cultures,” Rida says on her contribution to the nation’s flourishing creative industry.

Cleo Jazz earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring in rose gold with diamonds and rubies, Marli New York; dress, Carolina Herrera. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

As one of the few female trailblazers in the Saudi film universe, the actor is more than excited to support the development of the nation’s cultural landscape.“I enjoy seeing young Saudi artists growing more and more day by day,” Rida says. “I love supporting the upcoming generation in every way I can, and I believe what we have achieved so far is big – this is such a blessing.” As she consistently makes efforts to boost other creatives, at the forefront of her advice to young women is one simple principle: “Focus on your dreams, and don’t pay attention to anything else.”

Empire earrings, choker, ring in rose and white gold with diamonds, Marli New York; shirt, Loro Piana. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

The Empire Collection from Marli shimmers in a bold but elegant statement as it embodies the dreams and wealth the Empire State symbolizes. It reflects Rida’s desire to chart her own pathway as she works towards her dreams with brilliant cut diamonds reminiscent of the infamous lights of New York City. The circle emerges as a timeless symbol of world citizens like the actor creating and innovating in a spectacular display of power.

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Style: Celia-Jane Ukwenya 
Hair: Deena Alawaid
Makeup: Manuel Losada
Nails: Ginza Beauty Dubai 
Producer: Danica Zivkovic 
Lighting assistant: Qaiser Farooq
Style assistant: Abby Keeler 
Location: Malakiya Villas at Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf Malakiya Villas

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