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Margot Robbie’s Stylist Just Shared So Many Unseen Barbie Press Tour Looks

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Nothing gold can stay. The Barbie press tour, starring Margot Robbie in glorious designer dresses, came to a close a week before the movie’s premiere due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, though given that the extended deadline was known for months, it’s highly likely that the “Enchanted Evening” and “Solo in the Spotlight” looks were always meant to be the grand finales. There probably isn’t a fuchsia gown sitting in a storage unit somewhere, unworn. Stylists plan ahead.

Throughout the tour, Robbie’s stylist, Andrew Mukamal, dressed her in a combination of both Barbie-inspired dress replicas (day-to-night comes to mind) and cute outfits that channel the spirit of the doll more than a particular look, like this vintage Versace number and a Little Red Dress for what ended up being the last event of the rollout.

But there are still a few more looks to obsess over! Not that Robbie is walking any more red carpets (a huge no-no under current strike rules, and This Barbie Would Never Cross A Picket Line!), but Mukamal blessed our Instagram feeds with pictures of the outfits that didn’t get enough attention during the presstravaganza, and honestly, they are so good.

Robbie in Versace. Photo:

Robbie in Versace. Photo:

There’s another metallic Versace dress, accessorized with heeled loafers and a tiny box purse, the Chanel set that makes me seethe with how good blondes look in yellow, a magenta Versace skirt and crop top, a strawberry-patterned halter dress by Moschino and two Little Pink Patterned Dresses, one by Versace and the other from Valentino. Clock through for all the wardrobe inspo you’ll need for the rest of the summer…

Robbie in Moschino. Photo:

Robbie in Versace. Photo:

Robbie in Chanel. Photo:

Robbie in Valentino. Photo:

(Also, fuzzy-pursed Vivienne Westwood suit for fall.)

What is the event where Margot Robbie sat on a car!? From the flags in the captions, it was apparently in Britain? Vogue should do a spread on this tour. There should be a runway show of these looks. Mukamal deserves a MacArthur genius grant.

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