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Zuhair Murad on Covid-19’s Impact on His Designs, His Tips for Aspiring Designers and More with Manuel Arnaut

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Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad joined Vogue Arabia Editor-in-Chief Manuel Arnaut for an engaging live conversation on Monday, April 27. Connected via Zoom for the second episode of our weekly series “Manuel Arnaut In Conversation With…”, the designer and the editor discussed all things fashion in the time of the global pandemic.

Murad is one of the designers who will no longer be showcasing their next couture collections due to the cancelation of the fashion week. While on the surface level this may seem like the pandemic’s only blow to designers, its ripple-effect is bound to go much beyond the early seasons of the fashion calendar. Speaking to Arnaut, the designer shared his thoughts on changing his designs and creative process to match the new spirit and mood of the situation. “Maybe people want to see from Zuhair Murad, simple dresses, lesser ornaments but fresh and powerful pieces,” said the designer.

After looking to the future, the editor and designer also walked down memory lane as Murad recollected his first steps journeying into the sartorial world. Clearly born to design, Murad also shared having a pen on him from the young age of 10, saying,  saying “I don’t recall a day in my life without a pen in my hand!”. The Lebanese couturier has now amassed a global fashion empire with shows in Paris, stores in Dubai and Lebanon, and also having his creations available to be worn and loved from more than 100 other locations across the world. Since a remarkable career success story such as Murad’s is sure to motivate young designers, Murad answered their questions on the show, giving them tips on how to start their careers with limited resources.

Watch the full conversation above and make sure to check back to find out who will be the next guest in our weekly series “Manuel Arnaut in Conversation with…”

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