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Trailblazer Brand Malone Souliers on its Middle Eastern Client

Malone Souliers Spring 2017

The Maureen in glass and rose gold, Malone Souliers Spring 2017. @malonesouliers/Instagram

Handmade in Italy and conceptualised in London, Malone Souliers is a premium footwear brand that has global sartorial relevancy, thanks to its recipe for elegance and edge. One circuit of the Fall 2017 preview and it was clear that the shoes all have three vital aspects to them: comfort, cool, and longevity. Designer and co-founder Mary Alice Malone took inspiration from American artist Pat Steir (as well as Chinese landscape paintings) to create the fall offering: expect gold trimming on sky-high pumps, skin-tight leather knee-highs (but flat with brogue detailing), and velvet mules featuring the brand’s signature pointed toe.

Malone Souliers Fall 2017

Vogue Shops Malone Souliers Spring 2017, featuring: Robyn Point Toe Leather Flat (1808 AED/SAR), Maureen Metallic Leather-Trimmed Satin Mules 2335 AED/SAR), Montana Cut-Out Leather Pumps (3090 AED/SAR), Donna Metallic Mules (2655 AED/SAR), Savannah Velvet Sandals (2220 AED/SAR), and the Montana Leather Pumps (2312 AED/SAR).

In its second season, the Malone Souliers x Natalia Vodianova Fall ’17 collection and the current Roksanda collaboration were displayed to the throng of front row guests, including Fashion Director Yasmin Sewell, model Winnie Harlow, and designer Donna Ida.

Malone Souliers Fall 2017

Co-founders Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt of Malone Souliers at the Fall 2017 presentation at London Fashion Week. Courtesy of Malone Souliers

Vogue Arabia spoke to co-founder Roy Luwolt to decode the quintessentials of Malone Souliers, how the brand speaks to the Middle Eastern woman, and the ergonomics of the stiletto.

On the Brand’s DNA

“You don’t want a shoe that you can pick up and wonder, ‘could it be that brand or that brand?’––if you can think of three brands, then I haven’t made an identifiable product,” says a velvet-suit-clad Luwolt. “We are emulating the traditional Jermyn Street and Savile Row in terms of the ethos of quality. And now we are literally putting brogue detail into women’s shoes, but keeping it beautiful and feminine. That is a task and a half.”

Malone Souliers for the Middle East

“The Maureen heels are recommended for the Middle Eastern woman, along with its baby version [in flat] that came seasons later, due to the success of the heel,” says Luwolt. “The Imogen style is also a big shoe in the Arab world. Think of the temperature, the climate, and the dust––the style is still demure for the modest [woman].”

Malone Souliers Fall 2017

Malone Souliers Fall 2017. Courtesy of Malone Souliers

On Keeping it Luxe

“We want our customers to buy our shoes as an investment,” adds Luwolt. “Our brand sits very centrically and does not make too many shoes in quantity. It’s not how many, it’s about how good.”

Malone Souliers Fall 2017

Malone Souliers Fall 2017. Courtesy of Malone Souliers

These Heels Were Made for Walking

“[We use] the sculpted heel; ergonomically, [the stiletto] is based at the ball of the heel and that means that your weight is distributed very nicely. I can guarantee that, sat next to any other brand, it is the most comfortable. Quality is not just about the look, it’s also about comfort,” adds Luwolt. “If it’s not comfortable, then it doesn’t come out.”

Malone Souliers Fall 2017

Malone Souliers Fall 2017. Courtesy of Malone Souliers

On the Launch of Vogue Arabia

“Western located brands and Western founded stores are actually surviving on the basis of Asian travellers, Middle Eastern travellers, and African travellers. Its inclusiveness is why London is a metropolitan capital of the world… those women are the ones who define what is in fact worth talking about,” Luwolt declares. “I’m happy that [Vogue Arabia] is now in that space.”

The Malone Souliers Fall 2017 collection will be available across the Middle East in boutiques including AÏSHTI in Kuwait and Lebanon, Rubaiyat in Saudi Arabia, 51 East in Qatar, and Level Shoe District in the UAE, and online at TheModist.

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