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5 Things to Know About Maison Sara Chraibi’s Fall 2023 Couture Collection Paying Tribute to Moroccan Craftsmanship


Rabat-based fashion label Maison Sara Chraibi took part in Paris Couture Week for the second year this Thursday, showcasing a collection that breathed new life into Morocco’s revered craftsmanship. Chraibi stands as one of the five Arab-led brands to grace the runway at this season’s couture week. Here are five highlights that perfectly encapsulate the richness of this collection.

It was an ode to Moroccan craftsmanship

Chraibi paid homage to Morocco’s exquisite craftsmanship by incorporating traditional elements into her designs. She skillfully utilized “Sabra,” a type of silk thread derived from aloe vera plants, typically used in Moroccan passementerie. The inclusion of this unique material added a beautiful glossiness to the collection. Sabra was tailored into Arabesque capes inspired by traditional Moroccan designs. Sleek, silky gowns were overlain with sheer material, reminiscent of kaftans.

Colors were simple, as embellishments sung

Chraibi kept her colors muted to show off her expert tailoring and meticulous embellishments. Patterns adorned the garments, with diamond-shaped motifs carefully stitched onto bustiers and rows of braiding framing open backs. The simplicity allowed the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail to shine through.


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The collection featured Arab-inspired architectural motifs

Drawing from her background in architecture, Chraibi seamlessly integrated geometric patterns and structures into her collection. The influence of her architectural studies and upbringing was evident as she sewed in geometries to chiffon overlays; in a structured corset-like piece with diamond motifs that began large and shrunk reaching the waist; or boots, gilded in gold, carved in diamond patterns.

It was clever tailoring with playful elegance

Chraibi’s collection artfully blended playfulness and sophistication. A prime example was a blazer dress with puffed-out, slouchy sleeves and an ivory dress with a cape-like extension at the back. This clever tailoring technique transformed the ensemble into a symbol of sweet elegance, demonstrating Chraibi’s ability to create unique and dynamic silhouettes.

Chraibi dresses the successful woman

Chraibi’s eponymous label embraces a sense of rigorous refinement, catering to women seeking attire for prominence and desiring an air of extravagance. From collarless suits worn under capes to hooded sleeveless dresses, the collection showcased a contemporary twist on elegant and traditional designs, tailored to empower the successful modern woman.

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