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Qatari Visionary Maha Ghanim Al Sulaiti Unveils a New Logo — and New Era — for Chaumet

Paying tribute to the many aspects of an empress like no other, Chaumet’s Joséphine Collection has endured with strength, beauty, and elegance for generations.

Joséphine Aigrette necklace in white gold with diamonds, Chaumet; Abaya, Aquillora. Photo: Sam Rawadi

Now, Qatari visionary Maha Ghanim Al Sulaiti evokes these same themes as she unveils an exciting new partnership with Chaumet. The French maison looked to M7 – Qatar’s leading fashion, design, and innovation institute – to design a brand new Arabic interpretation of the Chaumet logo, which will soon be visible across the region.


Joséphine Valse Impériale earrings in white gold with diamonds, Chaumet; Abaya and Shyla, LIN. Photo: Sam Rawadi

As the director of M7, Al Sulaiti has been committed to developing local talent at every stage. For the new rendition of the partnership with Chaumet, graphic designer and lettering artist Zainab Al Shibani was chosen to create Chaumet’s Arabian-interpreted logo, marking a milestone in connecting regional talents with an international maison.


Joséphine Aigrette ring in rose and white gold with diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette bracelet in rose gold with diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette watch in rose gold with diamonds, Chaumet; scarf, blouse, Loro Piana. Photo: Sam Rawadi

“The partnership with Chaumet holds great significance for the region’s creative sector. Chaumet’s commitment to promoting talents in the MENA region aligns seamlessly with M7’s mission,” Al Sulaiti says. “This collaboration not only showcases Qatar’s creative talents, but also highlights the potential for fruitful collaborations between regional talents and renowned global brands like Chaumet. The presence of the new Arabic logo in Chaumet’s flagship stores across the Middle East reinforces the impact of this partnership.”

This new logo entangles the beauty and expertise of the East and West – the heritage and the future each culture beckons. It’s a vision held by Al Sulaiti: nurturing partnerships that are locally empowering, yet have global impact. “It’s a very exciting time to reflect on our rich heritage, culture, and crafts while simultaneously envisioning the future – ensuring that our identity remains resilient amid evolving changes,” she says.


Joséphine Aigrette Watch in steel with diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette rings in white gold with diamonds, Chaumet; Abaya, Aquillora. Photo: Sam Rawadi

This sentiment of upholding Arab culture and heritage emerges dazzlingly in the Chaumet campaign shot for Vogue Arabia, where Sulaiti – adorned in celebrated pieces from the Jośephine collection – is draped in regal kaftans, abayas, and dresses, including fast-rising Qatari and other regional designers.

For Sulaiti, roses represent a timeless symbol of feminine beauty and power, symbolizing “the multifaceted aspects of women’s lives – expressing love, passion, and beauty while grounded in strength and power.” Chaumet’s steadfast celebration of feminine power also resonates deeply with Al Sulaiti.


Joséphine Valse Impériale earrings in white gold with diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette Impériale tiara necklace in white gold with diamonds, Chaumet; kaftan, Loro Piana. Photo: Sam Rawadi

“I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by women who embody strength, grace, and empowerment, which is incredibly enriching and inspiring. Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned and Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani, both whom I admire, played pivotal roles, paving the way for women in Qatar. Their contributions have set a strong foundation, inspiring many women to make significant strides in various fields.”


Joséphine Aigrette long pendant in white gold with diamonds, Chaumet; abaya, Harlienz. Photo: Sam Rawadi

Echoing Chaumet’s own long-standing celebration of femininity, Al Sulaiti’s own vision of a world influenced by feminine power is “a world where women’s resilience, creativity, and leadership contribute to a balanced and progressive society that is still led with compassion.”

Photographer: Sam Rawadi
Style: Jade Chilton
Hair and makeup: Ivanna
Fashion assistant: John Harry Jay Seiner
Producer: Rama Naser
Production: Dinika Govender
Production Assistant: Amira Hached

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