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Loodyana Designers Create a Bespoke Dress for Nada Baeshen for Saudi National Day

Photo: Lujain Niazi. Courtesy of Loodyana

Every year, Saudi National Day sees the country’s citizens share their love and respect for the country in unique ways. For the designers behind ready-to-wear brand Loodyana, who go by the Al Hakbani sisters, it meant taking on the challenge to create an extraordinary dress inspired by the Kingdom. Ahead of September 23, they joined forces with Saudi entrepreneur and fashion blogger Nada Baeshen, who is soon to appear on Kalam Nawaem, the hit Arabic talk show which is making a return on MBC1 with an all-new cast.‎ Together with Baeshen’s stylist Zeina Kilani, and Lam Photography’s Lujain Niazi, who conceptualized the shoot, they modeled their creation on a stunning seaside landscape. “I got the inspiration for this photoshoot from the waves of the Red Sea to recreate them with the charming green fabric flowing above the sand, as well as the beauty of the Saudi eyes and jewels,” shares Niazi with Vogue Arabia.

Photo: Lujain Niazi. Courtesy of Loodyana

Below, find out more about the special dress created for Saudi National Day by the designers behind Loodyana.

What made you want to create this bespoke design?

It’s a very special day for us as Saudis when we can share our talent and express our support through our creativity.

What was it like collaborating with Nada Baeshen?

Nada was so professional to work with. She booked an early trip for the fitting. She was patient and hard-working through the photo shoot, and we enjoyed the process of working with her and answering any questions she had about her look.

Photo: Lujain Niazi. Courtesy of Loodyana

Tell us more about the work and materials that went into creating this dress.

It was a great challenge. Nada had to send her measurements from a long distance away. Then, we designed three looks for her and her stylist Zeina Kilani to choose from a few days before the photoshoot. The jewelry was also selected and brought by Zeina. The inspiration behind the dress is the sea of Jeddah. We used 35 meters of green chiffon fabric to make it resemble the Saudi flag flying in the wind.

And lastly, what does Saudi National Day mean to you?

Pride, fun, and creativity. It’s an outlet and time to offer support by showing our talent to the world.

Style: Zeina Kilani
Makeup: Kholod Bakur
Hair: Samar Shikh

Art direction: Rawan Events

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