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All the Highlights from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

The spring/summer 2022 London fashion week seemed to be all about offering fresh new takes. A closer at the collections reveals the presence of the “man’s suit” in a lot of them as the silhouette passed through the hands of various designers. Edward Crutchley summarized the look of the “woman in charge” in puffed sleeves and straight-legged pants, while Elleme showcased a version ideal for her day off. Osman Yousefzada, Palmer Harding, Victoria Beckham, Noon By Noor, and Vivienne Westwood also had their fair share of playing around with the suit.

The playful spirit of these designers also shone through with the colorful paint splash technique. Halpern gave us an exclusive look at what it means to simply have fun; Anne Mason, Eirinn Haylow, and Roksanda appeared to splatter the entire paint bucket on their garments; while Lupe Gajardo merely dipped hers into it. Feathers — lots of them — are also having their time in the sun as showcased by David Coma, Huishan Zhang, and Sharon Wauchob’s daring takes. However, what is most noteworthy, are the rounded shapes that came down the runway — from Richard Quinn’s yellow rounds to Halpern’s walking crystal ball.

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