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Legendary Supermodel Afef Jnifen Dons Bulgari’s Most Precious High Jewelry Collection Yet – Magnifica

Earrings in platinum with oval emerald and diamonds, necklace in platinum with paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, and diamonds, left hand ring in white gold with emerald and diamonds, right hand ring in platinum with emerald and diamonds, ring in white gold with aquamarine, tourmalines, emeralds, and diamonds, Bulgari. Dress, N21. Photo: Stella Bonasoni

In an ode to the rarest gems discovered in the world and a lifelong commitment to sourcing astonishing stones, the Roman fine jewelry house Bulgari introduced its new Magnifica 2021 high jewelry and high-end watches collection in a two-day event held in the Italian capital of fashion, Milan. Celebrating the city’s joyous relief after 18 months of strenuous turmoil endured during the pandemic, the socially distanced event illuminated the darkness with a selection of 350 unique pieces. The event marked glamorous memorabilia of the city’s rock resilience and strength carried throughout to echo an anthem of hope and power towards a brighter future.

With more than 60 pieces listed at the €1 million price margin, this event displayed some of the house’s most valuable pieces draped with endless patience, wisdom, and an eagle’s eye for intricacy. The high value of the collection doesn’t only cite the gemstone’s size, but also counts the more than 2 500 hours of hard work invested in some of the pieces. “Bulgari once again transformed dreams into works of art,” says model Afef Jnifen of the exquisite pieces.

Necklace in pink gold with rubellite, amethyst, citrine, aquamarine, onyx beads, and Diamonds, ring in platinum with diamonds and rubies, ring in pink gold set with mother-of-pearl, rubellite, and diamonds, Bulgari. Dress, Zimmermann. Photo: Stella Bonasoni

Expanded on a spectrum of exclusivity, the Mediterranean Queen Necklace embraces a bed of five oval-cut Paraiba tourmalines, the scarcest variant of tourmalines in the world coveted for its piercing neon blue hue, scoring a total of 473.83 carats.

The Sapphire Petal Necklace assembles in an embellished flower form, delicately looking back on inspirations from nature’s form of jewels. Surrounded by five petals, the 35.45 cushion cut sapphire graciously rests in solitary notes of cornflower.

Brushed in a sensual green arrangement, the Emerald Ellipse Necklace is pieced individually, with the centerpiece a 62.04 carat Zambian pear-shaped emerald.

In a spiritual remembrance of the aura’s color gamut, the Prodigious Color Necklace is lined with semi-precious stones of purple amethyst, yellow citrine, red rubellite, blue topaz, and rose quartz that commemorate paintings by the Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi.

Spiralled in a fierce encapsulation of Gentileschi’s resilient attitude and talent, the Baroque Spiral Necklace rests as a symbol for life and evolution. The necklace honors Gentileschi’s deconstruction of cultural norms, powered by her ability to question and think in a limitless abyss. This necklace can be paired with Bulgari’s downsized version of a watch that elevates the craft of watchmaking into an enchanting dimension.

Earrings in platinum with emeralds and diamonds, Serpenti necklace in platinum with emeralds and diamonds, Serpenti bracelet in white gold with diamonds, rings in platinum with emeralds and diamonds, Bulgari. Dress, Versace

The Ruby Metamorphosis necklace triumphs with its shapeshifting motif with a detachable 10.02 carat center pined to a tassel of ruby and diamonds. Personifying agility, convertibility, and magnetism, this piece took around 2 500 hours to complete and can be worn with the 1920s- inspired “secret watch.”

A metamorphosis ring is also mastered in an elaboration of the collection with a 6.80 carat flaunted ruby. Aligning a range of buff-top rubies and diamonds, the ring’s construction relies on a balance of contemporary and traditional goldsmith techniques.

Reincarnating a dazzled feel of red and green mistletoe is Bulgari’s Imperial Spinel Necklace, which features a 131.21 carat spinel, surrounded by emeralds and diamonds.

With the ability for Bulgari’s craftsmen to transform their bidimensional sketches into realistic masterpieces without the help of any computer support. Those pieces can be malleably worn in several ways and contexts. Breaking new norms in jewelry artistry, the house elucidates 137 years in the field as it reaches unprecedented skies in working with the rarest precious stones.

Earrings in pink gold with rubellites, amethysts, and diamonds, necklace in pink gold with rubellites, amethysts, tourmalines, and diamonds, ring in pink gold with oval rubellite, amethysts, and diamonds, Bulgari. Dress, Alexander McQueen

Photography: Stella Bonasoni
Style: Paolo Turina
Hair: Luca Lazzaro
Makeup: Roman Gasser
Nails: Simone Marino
Local production: Curzio Cremaschi
Offsite production: Camilla Fitz-Patrick

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