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Celebrating Uniqueness is at the Core of This Local Label’s Handmade Leather Accessories

Courtesy of Le Marais 101

Zina Khair remembers moving to Dubai and being fascinated by the cosmopolitan spirit. “I was stunned by the diversity of women and intrigued by the scene’s obsession with fashion,” she recalls. Khair decided to tap into this with the creation of an accessory that embraced women’s uniqueness. “It’s a fashionable product that complements your personal style and also revamps old bags and customize new ones,” says Khair of her handmade leather accessories. Along with her partner Angelique Tournoud, she made countless illustrations and had endless hours of deliberation over the selection of symbols. The first collection launched this year with an emphasis on wing motifs, be it of the angel, bird, or butterfly variety.

The brand is named after the Parisian Marais neighborhood, acclaimed for its unique mix of cultures and immersive history. It’s a concept Khair aims to bring to life with their line of products. “We offer a new identity to timeless bags and add a twist to elegant emblems,” she says. “We believe in the power of personality and aim to make beautiful, handmade creations that appreciate individuality and uniqueness.” Clients can choose designs that reflect their personality and mood and even have the option of ordering a custom-made piece with all the accessories crafted between Dubai and Paris.

The accessories are presented in a series of images conceived and photographed by Eli Rezkallah. “I loved how sensible he was to women and men’s issues, and humans in all their strengths and weaknesses.” The pair asked the art director to highlight the message behind the brand for its first campaign, as opposed to the product. “Eli gave us all we had hoped for and more,” says Khair. “Stand out by being yourself in all your beauty and flaws. Imperfect is the new perfect,” it states. Expect Le Marais 101 to sustainably evolve with new designs and lines including jewelry for bags featuring Swarovski crystals and pearls and accessories for belts, shoes, hats, and outfits.

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Originally published in Vogue Arabia December 2019 issue

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