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Lara Scandar’s New-Season Wardrobe is Powered by Egyptian Designers

Middle Eastern singer and star Lara Scandar features in an evocative photoshoot wearing all Egyptian designers on location near the ancient burial ruins of Saqqara, Egypt. In a celebration of the talent from this striking part of our region, the star pays homage to the rich tapestry of culture designers can draw upon. From chichi off-the-shoulder creations to traditional printed key pieces, Scandar demonstrates how to wear these emerging and established designers with sartorial flair.

“I love that we now have so many cool and talented designers in the Middle East,” Scandar tells Vogue. “We’ve come to an age where we now have a history in fashion, even though it might not date as far back as others. I think it’s important to support any kind of talent from the region, it shows unity and pride.” Having wed in haute couture gown by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, Scandar’s support of local and regional talent is second nature.  “What’s so great about that we now have so many styles and types of designers to choose from. They broadened they’re horizons. I support the ones I like and believe in any way I can, be it going to events or wearing their pieces. It’s always an honor.”

Below, 15 things you didn’t know about Lara Scandar:

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The shoot is aligned with her personal style, and Scandar playfully admits that the styling chimes with her penchant for premium footwear. “Whatever cool shoes are on set for a shoot, I usually want.” On her brand watch-list for the new season includes the likes of Boyfriend The Brand, Robert Wun, and Mercedes Salazar – so expect to see these labels crop up as she release her first two singles from her new album that will release in 2018 once recording is complete.

Cutting a strong silhouette for women to look up, Scandar’s message to her global fan base is bang on the moment for the feminist movement that is sweeping through the world. “Be who you are and believe that being true to yourself is the most important gift you could give yourself,” Scandar tells Vogue. “It’s not just about feminism and women, it’s about being true to what you believe in and standing up for what you know you deserve. Life is too short to be hiding in the shadows and way too short for you to be brought down by it.” Here, here.

Talent: Lara Scandar
Production: Maison Pyramide
Art Direction: Ikon Chiba
Photography: Amina Zaher
Assistant Art Director: Alia Dessouki
Styling: Farah El Sayed
Styling Asst.’s: Farah Seif & Nour Bayadi
MUA: Sharif Tanyous
Hair: Rizk Hair Studio
Project Manager: Dorothy Chakra

Click through the shoot above for spring season style inspiration. Follow Lara Scandar on Instagram here.

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