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This Egyptian Jewelry Designer’s Latest Collection Will See You Through 2021 in Style

The Oribat earrings and cuff bracelet from the Phoenix Collection by Laila Wahba. The ancient Greeks had four different words for rope-walkers: the Oribat was a dancing rope-walker. Together with members of the Senate, rope-walkers wore white, indicating that they were under special protection of the gods.

Egyptian designer Laila Wahba has launched her fifth collection of timeless jewelry.

After a turbulent 2020, Wahba set out to create the collection with the aim of brightening up and elevating the day-to-day ensembles we all have become familiar with. The result is a collection composed of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in gold-tone finishes with hand-crafted textures, as well as snakes, coins, and semiprecious stones. Titled Phoenix, it represents what the world has gone through this past year – a rebirth.

The Vergina Sun earrings from the Phoenix Collection by Laila Wahba. The Sun of Vergina is a symbol that was widely used by Ancient Greeks, and is the continuation of the oldest ancient Greek symbols of the sun: the source of life.

The designs of the pieces, like all of Wahba’s other collections, takes inspiration from ancient Etruscan and Roman cultures, but this time with nods to the mid-90s. “My designs in general, have been and will always be loyal to the Etruscan and Roman cultures of the past, but with this particular collection, I heavily incorporated styles from the mid-90s – a time that came to be known for some of fashion’s most memorable pieces,” says Wahba. “My jewelry is meant to be worn with power and grace by women of all ages,” the designer adds.

The Stone and Arrow’ earrings from the Phoenix Collection by Laila Wahba

With the names and designs referring to ancient Greek culture, the jewelry is as wearable as it is bold, opulent, and luxe, taking you from day to night effortlessly. Highlights include the Stone and Arrow earrings featuring an arrow with three corners which is often linked to different trinities, and the three stones are meant to represent the mind, body and spirit. Another standout piece is the Luminous necklace with golden tassels. As early as Homer, golden tassels were used to intricately decorate garments on goddesses, and even appeared as luminous armour.

The Luminous necklace from the Phoenix Collection by Laila Wahba

Photographer: Batool Al Daawi
Makeup: Diana Harby
Production: Blow Creative Studio

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