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Of Course Kylie Jenner Has The “Birkinstocks” Made from Hermès Bags

Kylie Jenner. Instagram/@kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner loves herself some designer. The beauty mogul has an insane collection of vintage Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford-era Gucci pieces to prove it. But her latest acquired accessory is over the top luxury at its absolute finest: Jenner scored herself a pair of “Birkinstocks,” a pair of imitation Birkenstock sandals from the brand MSCHF that are made out of Hermès Birkin bags. (Yes, really.)

On her Instagram Stories yesterday, Jenner posted the new lavish shoes in question. The black, strappy sandals are, to the untrained eye, indistinguishable from the classic Birkenstock Arizona style, but with its gold buckles and pebbled leather – and the Hermès-style orange box they came in – you could tell there was something slightly different about these. “Thanks @mschf,” she wrote, implying that the pair were a gift.

Kylie Jenner’s Birkenstocks. Instagram/@kyliejenner

MSCHF says it makes these “Birkinstocks” by purchasing authentic Birkins and then completely destroying them. They first disassemble and flatten a bag, then cut a pattern out of the leather from the shoe, adding a cork footbed and rubber sole to finish it off. Despite being all cut up, the shoes still come with real Birkin pricing. Price points range from $34,000 to a whopping $76,000, depending on the finish you get (you can get them in crocodile or ostrich leathers, for instance). And in case you’re wondering, no, neither Hermès or Birkenstock are involved in this; where they get all these Birkins is a mystery.

It’s all an unusual approach, but MSCHF certainly gets an A for creativity here. Birkenstocks, a humble summer sandal, have experienced a high-fashion revival lately. Brands like Valentino and Rick Owens have partnered with the brand, and trendsetters like Katie Holmes are die-hard fans. They’re the perfect foil to a Birkin bag: beloved for their wearability and accessibility.

Courtesy of MSCHF

So making them out of the most exclusive handbag is a genius marketing move, if you think about it. We’ve yet to see Jenner in a classic Birkenstock (though sister Kendall Jenner is into them), but in its new lavish form, it makes perfect sense that she’d have a pair. Same goes for stars such as Future, Kehlani, and other “multiple billionaire art collectors” that have already bought pairs, according to the brand. And while Jenner was likely gifted hers, it’s still the ultimate status piece to own—perhaps even more of a flex that she didn’t have to spend a car payment on them, too.

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