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How Kurdish Designer Lara Dizeyee is Capturing the Beauty of Her Heritage Through Fashion

Lara Dizeyee

Kurdish designer Lara Dizeyee has taken Iraq by storm as she combines her unique creative spirit with a deep-seated love for her heritage. Vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and traditional motifs emerge as a true celebration of Kurdish culture and weave the story of a creative determined to preserve her traditions.

Frustrated by a lack of options when it came to Kurdish fashion, the oil and gas professional decided to create her own line, becoming the creative director of Kurdish Haute Couture. Each piece from her collection not only draws inspiration from the rich history of Kurdish traditions and the knowledge that has been passed down through generations but also features her signature flair and penchant for thinking outside the box.

Photo: Courtesy of Lara Dizeyee

One of her most unique and coveted designs reimagines the Klash, a traditional men’s white shoe, for women while all three of her collections so far are infused with playful energy owing to pops of vibrant color and Dizeyee’s distinct perspective. The designer views her first collection, Dream, as a true labor of love considering it was the manifestation of a dream she had been building upon for years. Even the shoot location, Erbil Citadel, was a reflection of her commitment to showcasing the beauty of Kurdish regions. 

Photo: Courtesy of Lara Dizeyee

Dizeyee finds inspiration in everything around her as showcased by her second collection, Fire. Shot atop the Safeen Mountain Fire represented an effort to capture the beauty of the stunning landscape of her people and deliver it to the rest of the world. However, her latest collection, Ocean, might just be the one that Dizeyee holds closest to her heart. Inspired by her own experiences and a journey of self-discovery she has created a line that is all about the depth, mystery, and beauty that can be found within us all.

Photo: Courtesy of Lara Dizeyee

Family is an important part of what Dizeyee does – the highlight piece of Ocean pays homage to her family and culture, the Dizeyee design is a true reflection of Lara, her girls, her family, and the Kurdish heritage that she holds so dear. Her father, the renowned poet, author, and singer Homer Dizeyee, has not only had a profound impact on Kurdish culture but also on Lara herself who sees her brand as a continuation of her family’s creative legacy. 

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