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Kim Kardashian’s Flaming Balenciaga Outfit is Setting The Internet Ablaze



If you’ve been left stumped by Kim Kardashian’s latest sartorial choice, you’re not alone. Accustomed to setting the internet ablaze with her outfits, the mogul took a literal approach with her most recent Balenciaga purchase: a slim-fit knit with a pattern of licking flames – and social media duly sat up and took note. Kim enjoys straddling the line between fashion and fun, and why shouldn’t she be able to do just that? It’s not like it’s the first time the Skims founder has stepped out in a look that instantly became meme-worthy (note her Met Gala 2021 outfit).

KIM-KARDASHIAN-fire-flame-balenciaga-outfit-inline 1


Dissecting the 41-year-old’s flaming hot outfit is sort of like peeling back the layers of an onion, but in a chic way. Let’s start with Kim’s fuzzy Balenciaga accessories. Black furry sunglasses and a matching fluffy bag were her accessories of choice for an outing ahead of the launch of her family’s new reality TV show on Hulu. That sizzling knit was paired with a leather wrap skirt, and a pair of the pantaboots she cannot get enough of right now.



Will we be adding the Balenciaga campaign star’s latest mind-boggling effort to our fashion wish-list? That’s still TBC. Are we currently obsessed with it, and do we want to see what other outlandish outfits Kim and Demna concoct together? Absolutely.

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