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Kim Kardashian Says Yes to the Balenciaga Tangerine Boa


Kim Kardashian just gave feather boa enthusiast Harry Styles a run for his money in a fuzzy orange version of the accessory. Styles famously wore a hat trick of skinny boas to the Grammys last year, prompting searches to spike. Now Kim has brought them back into the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week.

Balenciaga was behind Kim’s custom tangerine creation, which she wore to attend Demna’s snowstorm fall/winter 2022 Balenciaga showcase. After a commendable stint in a taped-up bodysuit (behind-the-scenes videos reveal it wasn’t the easiest to walk in), Kim shrouded herself in the neon boa. Keen to let the gargantuan accessory do the talking, she paired it with a black body-sculpting dress from Balenciaga’s fall/winter 2021 couture collection.

Demna has supplied Kim with a handful of PFW looks. Ahead of the show, Kim was spotted in an autumn/winter 2022 Balenciaga towel shawl and thigh-high boots. Days earlier, she sported the brand’s divisive pantaboots – aka all-in-one leggings and boots – with a leather motorcycle jacket and silver The Matrix sunglasses.

Although she often favors Balenciaga’s edgy black pieces, Kim has taken a shining to Demna’s searingly-bright accessories. She’s worn Stabilo-highlighter pink and green knife boots, electric blue sock stilettos, and pink velvet gloves. In the brand’s campaign, she was pictured snapping selfies in an all-black figure-skimming look with a fluoro Le Cagole bag by her side.

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