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Exclusive: Julia Roberts Joins Chopard as Global Ambassador with the Feel Good Campaign

Julia Roberts has once again joined forces with Chopard on its Feel Good campaign.

Photo: Greg Williams

The Academy Award-winning actor has been the face of Chopard’s Happy Sport and Happy Diamonds collections since 2021, and now, she will also be representing the maison’s watch and jewelry collections.

Julia Roberts in Chopard. Photo: Greg Williams

Commemorating this bond, Chopard and Roberts are celebrating something that both of them are deeply in love with – cinema. Award-winning director and Cannes Film Festival regular James Grey has been recruited to bring this vision to fruition. Over a series of 12 clips, the director has captured the most famous smile in Hollywood in all her humanity, playfulness, and of course, audacity. The clips will be unveiled from March 20, the International Day of Happiness, as a nod towards the virtuosity, joie de vivre, and feel-good spirit of Chopard.

“We are revealing a new facet of our identity, the Feel-Good vibe: the self-confidence instilled by Chopard jewelry or watches, reverberating in the air and infusing the entire surrounding universe with positive energy,” said Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard.

Julia Roberts in Chopard. Photo: Greg Williams

Chopard extends an invitation to a part of Hollywood many can only dream about: Everything that happens behind the scenes. Grey in all his professional excellence places human energy and the impulses of the heart that have always epitomized Chopard at the center of his work. The heart of each collection at Chopard has always resided in the mission to adorn men and women on their journey toward personal fulfillment and freedom.

That feeling is what Roberts embraces as she is captured in action, joking around off-camera, spreading her joy and larks. She knits, finds something nice to say about everyone, slips into trainers under her glamorous dresses, takes over the camera herself, and interrupts her script rehearsal to cuddle her dog Myrtle who jumps on her lap. Adorned with her Chopard jewelry and buoyed by the confidence it instills in her, she is the embodiment of a fulfilled woman.

“Julia Roberts is that rare thing: a genuine movie star,” says Grey. “Both Julia and Chopard embody a true sense of happiness, so it was a wonderful opportunity to work with them on this campaign.”

Julia Roberts in Chopard. Photo: Greg Williams

This intimate look into the backstage world of Hollywood has been immortalized by photographer Greg Williams. Keeping in line with the overarching candidness of the campaign, Williams presents images emanating candor while perfectly capturing the timeless glamour Roberts stands for. “I’m quite often looking for joy and I try to create a joyful experience,” Williams says. “Working closely with Julia on this campaign was in many ways the perfect assignment because she is such a joyful person.”

The films in the Chopard Loves Cinema campaign are accompanied by an advertising campaign featuring visuals by the renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan. Infusing the images with his sensitive and emotional approach to photography, McLellan reveals a Roberts who is filled with genuine joie de vivre from wearing the maison’s creations.

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