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Jude Benhalim Launches a Limited Collection In Celebration of Women’s Day

In celebration of Women’s Day, Cairo based Jewelry designer, Jude Benhalim, who launched her brand in 2011 when she was only 17, revisits her Digital Citizen collection be revived in red to mark the sisterhood’s day. The collection which takes inspiration from her family’s unique heritage, features fluid calligraphy and captures tradition and modernity respectively.

Jude Benhalim’s limited collection is made out of 925 sterling silver and gold-plated brass and incorporates splashes of red in the unique handcrafted pieces. A color Benhalim believes represents strength, love, passion, and determination. The result is a striking lineup of revamped earrings, necklaces and cuffs in contrasting mixed-metal finishes. Although Jude Benhalim studied film, she states that “studying opened my eyes to many gender-related ideologies that became a major conceptual force behind my brand. It led me to create pieces that encourage women to powerfully embrace and express their individuality.”

Benhalim employs a small team of women in her home town of Egypt to help with the production of her collection, and prides herself in honoring a commitment to empowering women with job opportunities. This year, she has partnered with an Egypt-based NGO Banati Foundation that focuses on protecting and supporting street girls. With every purchase, 15% of all proceeds will be donated towards this cause.

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