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Meet Jayda Hany, the Egyptian Shoe Designer Rated by BMW (Yes, Really)

When architectural engineering grad Jayda Hany turned to the London College of Fashion to pursue a career as a designer, little did she expect that BMW would custom-create a car based on one of her designs. After New York Fashion Tech Week closed and the collaboration with the BMW sponsor drew to completion, Hany’s attention turned to her core collections.

Using 3D technology and a penchant for urbane design, Hany’s footwear cuts a new silhouette on the style scene; one that should sit well with streetwear aficionados in need of something decidedly less commercial. Here, exclusively reveals the Egyptian shoe designer’s Fall 2017 Riv-It collection, inspired by the streets of Cairo. We speak to the breakout brand’s founder about what lies ahead for the label that’s gained recognition from unexpected places…

Tell us about some of your coolest collaborations so far.

I am super excited about my upcoming collection, which will include a collaboration with actor Ahmed Fishawy. We are working on producing tattooed trainers/lifestyle sneakers.

Describe your approach to design in three emojis.

🤗   🤔  👌

Why shoes?

I could not help but notice the structural and technological similarities between my profession as an architect and a footwear designer.

Jayda Hany

The High Bolt shoes from the Jayda Hany Riv-It! Fall 2017 Collection. Courtesy of Jayda Hany Photo: Hady Ashraf and Marwan Morsy

Which design are you most proud of?

I am proud of the High Bolts from the Riv-It collection. They are by far my star item fand a bestseller. They successfully convey the individualistic, urban lifestyle.

In five years’ time, where do you want to be?

In five years’ time I want to be one of the leading successful footwear brands in the Middle East and worldwide, offering both ready-to-wear footwear and experimental bespoke footwear.

List three brands you respect the most in the fashion industry.

Iris van Herpen because of her skillfully executed experimental designs. Philip Treacy for his imagination to create surreal head pieces rather than being a normal milliner. Yohji Yamamoto for his ambition to make men’s clothes for women and for promoting unisex fashion and providing equivalent options to both genders.

If you had more time each day, what would you do with it?

I would probably work more. Even though it is a fast-moving industry, it is time-consuming, production wise.

And finally, what is top of your playlist at the moment?

N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s “Lemon,” RUSS “Willy Wonka,” and 6LACK “Prblms.” [Check’s playlist by top designers to rev up your tunes today]

The Jayda Hany Riv-It! collection is stocked on the brand’s e-commerce website and at RAX in Cairo. From December 2017 it will be at Beit Ward in City Stars, Cairo. Prices starting from 460 AED/SAR.

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