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A Kuwaiti Sheikha’s Humble Honor to Sheikh Zayed

Intisars 18 carat yellow gold, white diamonds (1.3 cts) emeralds (1.3 cts), rubies (2.25 cts). All gemstones are ethically sourced. Made in Italy

“The statement Emirati Aqqal pieces were created keeping in mind the leader extraordinaire that we are commemorating,” says Sheikha Intisar AlSabah, founder of fine jewelry label Intisars. The handmade jewelry is her “humble honor” to Sheikh Zayed’s legacy in the Year of Zayed. “Sheikh Zayed had a fundamental impact on the UAE’s development that echoed throughout the region,” she adds from her office in Kuwait. Her eight, special-edition Emirati Aqqals feature the UAE national flag designed with ethically-sourced white and black diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. A hidden compartment under the bracelet’s clasp holds wax beads that can be soaked with scent. The double spiral bracelet in 18-karat yellow gold is created with the Italian technique of flexible tubogas reminding of the black ring that sits atop an Arab man’s traditional headdress. All proceeds will be dedicated to the Intisars charity, which provides support and creates opportunities for girls and women in areas affected by armed conflict., Emirati Aqqal made in Italy, AED 135,000

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