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From Dolce & Gabbana to Aquazzura, Top International Designers Pay Homage to the Beauty of Saudi Arabia

From the vivid patterns of Aseer to the lush greenery of the Al-Ahsa Oasis, Saudi Arabia is teeming with vibrant colors, culture, and heritage. Vogue Arabia partnered with the Saudi Tourism Authority in our special fourth anniversary issue, the Creativity Issue, and we enlisted the world’s most celebrated brands to pay homage to just that. Envisioning the Kingdom and some of its key landscapes through their artistic lens, the designers behind Dolce & Gabbana, Aquazzura, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Ashi Studio dreamt up bespoke sketches and illustrations exclusively for Vogue Arabia.

Read on below to find out how the diverse beauty of Saudi Arabia became a source of inspiration for these designers.

Inspiration: Taif

Left: Roses of Taif. Right: Art by Dolce & Gabbana

“Among all the flowers, the rose is the most elegant and romantic; synonymous with charm. We love the bold yet refined image that the rose symbolizes and we like to tell it through our collections. Taif, the city of roses, inspired us to create this set of elements that is a tribute to the beauty and values we would like to share.”
– Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Domen / Van De Velde

Inspiration: Aseer

Left: Patterns of Aseer. Right: Sketch by Edgardo Osorio

“The colors and patterns of Aseer are so modern and beautifully upbeat, they are exactly what I want to see right now. I loved mixing the floral arrangements with the graphic patterns in multicolor for a tribal-pop effect.”
– Edgardo Osorio, Creative director of Aquazzura

Edgardo Osorio. Photo: Supplied

Inspiration: Al-Ahsa Oasis

Above: Al-Ahsa Oasis. Below: Sketch by Giuseppe Zanotti

“Al-Ahsa, the largest oasis in the world… Its greatness is just breathtaking. Places like this, an expression of the wonder of nature, are a great source of inspiration for me and remind me of how important it is to treasure and preserve them.”
– Giuseppe Zanotti, President and creative director of Giuseppe Zanotti Spa

Giuseppe Zanotti. Photo: Supplied

Inspiration: Al Ula

Left: Al Ula. Right: Sketch by Ashi

“This look emulates the architectural grandeur, scale, and voluptuous curves of Al Ula. A walled city located along the road that carried the world’s treasures, from silk to spices, Al Ula has become a source of inspiration for the Kingdom; a timeless ambassador of the country’s culture, art, innovation, and talent, nestled in the desert.”
– Ashi, couture designer

Ashi. Photo: Tom Munro

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