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Exclusive: Inside Nancy Ajram’s TikTok Concert Wardrobe by Lebanese Designer Hussein Bazaza

Nancy Ajram, hussein bazaza

Nancy Ajram wears Hussein Bazaza. Photo: Mohammed Seif

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performed her TikTok concert, “The Magical Live Show” on September 18. Especially for the event, Ajram collaborated with Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza for the full wardrobe which she wore throughout the concert.

color blocked bomber Hussein Bazaza

The color-blocked bomber. Photo: Rayan Chehab

Bazaza designed, and customized, five intricately tailored jackets for the former Vogue Arabia cover star. Every piece was developed to match a specific mood and set within the show and they were all made from recycled materials and old stock garments to further emphasize Bazaza’s sustainability message, which is prevalent in all of his collections.

Sketch of the color-block bomber jacket. Photo: Courtesy of Hussein Bazaza

In a video exclusive to Vogue Arabia, the Lebanese designer detailed the process of his intricate and delicate work.

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The five tailored jackets include a color-block cropped bomber, a shimmering cropped blazer, and, perhaps the most distinctive, the reversible baseball jacket, which was monogrammed with Ajram’s initials. The baseball jacket can be worn in two ways, the first including “different striped patterns with its collar, cuffs and curved waistline silkily embroidered in bright blue striped with white” and the second, transforming into the color ruby.

The reversible baseball jacket Hussein Bazaza

The reversible baseball jacket, featuring the ruby red colored side. Photo: Rayan Chehab

Bazaza describes the shimmering cropped blazer as his favorite. It features “an 80s feel, fully encrusted in a sea of colorful beadwork with bright green peak lapels and exaggerated Neapolitan cuffs framing the piece.”

shimmering cropped bomber Bazaza

The detailed sleeve of the shimmering cropped blazer. Photo: Rayan Chehab

“I’ve always been asked whom I love to work with or dress the most from the stars in the region but I never used to give an honest answer as there would always be a messenger between the designer and the celebrity, creating a kind of barrier there,” shared Bazaza with Vogue Arabia on working with Ajram. “But now after personally meeting her and knowing the absolute sweetheart that she is, I can finally say that I have a frank answer to that question. “

Nancy Ajram, hussein bazaza

Nancy Ajram wears Hussein Bazaza. Photo: Mohammed Seif

This was not Bazaza’s first collaboration with Ajram. He has previously designed a bomber jacket that Ajram wore in one of her hit music videos for Badna Nwale3 el Jaw. Speaking of their collaboration again, especially in the mid of the tragedy in Beirut, the label stated,  “Nancy is so loved in the region and we are always so touched by her positive aura and ability to spread joy through her music amid the darkest times. We are extremely happy to have been chosen by her specifically for this project.”

The concert, which was previously postponed in August due to the tragic Beirut explosion on August 4, took place on the streaming app TikTok on September 18, at 10pm GST. TikTok described the concert as Ajram’s “first magic show,” which saw her perform some of her greatest hits.

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Video: Rayan Chehab
Director: Samir Seryani
Producer: Chantal El Haber
Creative: Samir Seryani and Nadyn Chalhoub
Photographer: Mohamad Seifeddine ( For Nancy Ajram’s images)
Full Wardrobe: Hussein Bazaza
Makeup: Fady Kattaya
Hairstylist: Tony Sawaya
Stylist: Caroline Cassia
Organized by HUmanagement
Powered by TikTok

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