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Here’s How Jennifer Lopez Discovered Lebanese Designer Zuhair Murad

Jennifer Lopez attends Met Gala in 2010 wearing Zuhair Murad. Image: Getty

In a previous interview with Vogue Arabia, Lebanese couturier Zuhair Murad shared on creating the dress for Jennifer Lopez’s 2010 Met Gala appearance. “One of my proudest red carpet moments was Jennifer Lopez at the 2010 Met Gala,” Murad had said nostalgically. “We worked on the dress for more than 1,000 hours, from the design to the hand-embroidery and the tailoring. Of course, the time spent on the gown was worth it, as Jennifer matched every second of its glory that night.”

And now after years of knowing each other and working together, the American superstar has revealed the story behind the iconic dress, and of how she came across the designer. Lopez recently sat down with the event organizer for her world tour, Venture Lifestyle, for an interview, in which she spoke of Murad, sharing that he is one of her all-time favorite designers. “I love Zuhair, he’s probably my favorite,” said the On The Floor singer.

She then went on to describe the time when she first came across the designer and saw his work. “I discovered him years ago when I was doing a show somewhere. I was doing a show and I was so jetlagged and I was up in the middle of the night watching Fashion TV, which they had in this country I was in, and he had this beautiful show and I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’”

Admiring his work on the television was not enough for Lopez who wanted to wear his designs. So much, that she asked her team in the United States — who were not familiar with his name — to track Murad down for her Met Gala outfit. “I came back (to the US) and I said, ‘Do you guys know Zuhair Murad?’ and nobody knew who he was, none of the stylists, nobody in the United States knew who he was. I was like, ‘You have to get me this dress for the Met Ball.”

Zuahir Murad Photographed by Alexander Kozhin for Vogue Arabia

The dress went on to be one of the most iconic fashion moments in both Murad and Lopez’s careers. “I wore his dress to the Met Ball and after that, I just started using him for everything — he designed my last tour — we just have a great relationship. He’s a beautiful man, a beautiful designer,” added Lopez.

The songstress will soon visit the region when she brings her It’s My Party World Tour to Egypt on August 9.

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