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This TikTok Creator’s Stellar Wardrobe Fuses Modest Style, ’80s Silhouettes, and Thrifting

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd

We all have our proclivities when it comes to fashion—but have you ever heard of a wardrobe that seamlessly combines elements of modest style, 1980s silhouettes, and thrift-store finds? That’s exactly what Hodan Yousuf’s closet does. A 27-year-old content creator known as Houdini (@hdnsnotarnd) on TikTok, Yousuf joined the app last October and has gained more than 128,000 followers since. They flock to her page for her distinctive fashion sense, which is “90 percent thrifted” and heavy on power blazers, men’s ties, and big shoulder pads.

“I mostly gravitate toward a masculine look, so most of my inspirations come from men’s fashion and street style,” she tells Vogue. “I take those ideas and pair them with feminine items, creating a mix of the two silhouettes.” The creator—who is Muslim—adds that she also wants to prove that embracing modest silhouettes doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. “My faith is an important component when it comes to my wardrobe and image,” she says. “The fashion industry lacks proper representation for a lot of minority groups. As an individual in this field, I want to inspire people to have the courage to express themselves, and I hope they can find that through my work.”

Below, Yousuf discusses what’s in her closet, where she enjoys shopping, and what idea she wants to tackle on TikTok next.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd

Vogue: What made you want to start creating on TikTok?

Hodan Yousuf: Initially, my main focus was blogging on Instagram. Since the pandemic’s start, TikTok slowly became the app I found myself more drawn to, especially creatively. With the growing fashion community on the app, who wouldn’t feel inspired? The pandemic took a toll on my creative process. Scrolling through TikTok helped me regain my passion for creating. When I posted my first two videos, they started gaining a lot of attention, to my surprise. I ended up getting an influx of engagement and followers in just three days. I was shocked at the response I got. I wasn’t expecting it at all, to be honest.

What’s your process for creating? Where do you get ideas?

My favorite thing to do is people-watch. It’s inspiring to see what people are wearing in real time: how the clothing falls on their bodies, the movements, and how they choose to layer and accessorize. I mostly gravitate toward a masculine look, so most of my inspirations come from men’s fashion and street style. I take those ideas and pair them with feminine items, creating a mix of the two silhouettes. It’s very visually appealing in my eyes, especially on taller women like myself. It makes me feel very powerful. Other forms of inspiration come from runway shows and anime: I love to recreate particular looks using thrifted items. Unfortunately, I do not have runway money like that, so we are sticking to thrift and vintage shops for now. Nevertheless, I have way more freedom and accessibility in constructing my outfits without being limited to one aesthetic when thrifting.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes depending on my mood. Some days I’m swimming in oversized clothing, some days I’m dressed more tailored, other times it’s a bit more feminine. It’s just based on pure vibes at the end of the day. For all I know, I might wake up one day and decide to try something completely different from what I am currently doing. So there is no pigeonholing here.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd

What are some of your most worn pieces?

Some 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted, so my most worn pieces currently are my collection of oversized men’s blazers that I cropped. When I’m super lazy but still want to look put together, I’ll throw on a cropped blazer and pair it with some high-waist trousers and call it a day.

Your style seems to have a real flair for 1980s-style blazers. Are you a fan of the era?

Two words: shoulder pads. I love an exaggerated look. I love strong shoulders. I love structure and tailoring, and I love how it makes me feel. I also like the silhouette and the proportions that this era elicits. I’m 5 feet 10, and most of that height has gone to my legs. So when I wear blazers or shirts with shoulder pads, I love how much space it makes me take up and the fact that it leaves an impactful and memorable statement. Shoulder pads are powerful and always the right choice.

What’s the most special piece in your closet?

I found a vintage Prada bag for $20 at a Value Village thrift shop in a small town outside of Toronto. I’ve never been more proud of a vintage steal like that in my life.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd

How do you incorporate the idea of modest style into your wardrobe?

My faith is an important component when it comes to my wardrobe and image. Some might say that I have limitations with what I can wear, but I don’t see it this way. Modesty shouldn’t be a barrier when talking about fashion or the industry, for that matter. With a little bit of patience, confidence, and a willingness to experiment, you can build a personalized style that fits and represents you holistically. No conforming or trying to fit in a box. Fashion is all about expression and storytelling. It is up to you whether you prescribe to those limitations. My faith is part of my identity and isn’t something separate from my creative process and style. It adds to my individuality and how I choose to represent myself.

You also seem really good at layering! What’s your tip for layering this fall?

Invest in good outerwear coats, vintage silk button-ups, blazers, and some two-piece suits. You can easily work around just these pieces and add on different accessories. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Ties are becoming a hot accessory for this fall-winter. It elevates any look tenfold. And at the end of it all, trust your judgment and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different styles until you find what works for you. Everyone has their preferences. Try to understand that personal style is just that; it’s personal to you. Some things that work for me might not be visually appealing to the next person.

What are you currently eyeing to buy next?

I’ve never wanted a pair of shoes more than how I want those platform Balenciaga crocs.

What is your favorite TikTok you’ve ever made? What took the longest?

My most recent outfit of the week video. It perfectly captures what I would typically wear during a regular week. For everyday looks, I gravitate more toward black and white as my color scheme, as my other looks are usually more out-there for every day. Those other out-there outfits are saved for nights out or particular events.

The majority of the videos I film are time-consuming because I showcase more outfit variations with each video. With that comes planning, shooting, editing, and then cleaning the aftermath. So we’re looking at a minimum of 2.5 hours for each TikTok.

What’s the next big idea you want to tackle on TikTok?

To be more consistent, have fun, and explore more ways of making thrifted items look luxe!

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