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10 High-Street Staples You Will Want to Wear Over and Over

There’s no denying high-street brands have found themselves under the spotlight of late, as pressure mounts to prove how ethically and ecologically responsible they can be. Many have now risen to the challenge but reconfiguring business models, supply chains, and designs to accommodate a new sustainable structure won’t happen overnight – just look at Stella McCartney, who has spent her career unearthing new technologies so that the fashion industry can become more responsible.

While we watch and wait to see how fast fashion brands navigate a new eco-friendly normal, there is still so much that we as consumers can do to limit the impact our buying habits are having on the environment. In short: buy less, buy better. Yes, the instant gratification of a new purchase or the thrill of seeing a fresh round of seasonal trends for the first time is addictive (as any lover of fashion will attest), but practice restraint and shop intelligently. Reduce, reuse and recycle and take pleasure in investing in pieces that will work hard within your current wardrobe – the world’s landfill waste will thank you for it.

These items are everyday heroes – “new in” pieces to satiate trend-led appetites and yet, timeless enough to slot seamlessly into most capsule wardrobes.

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