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Hala Abdallah Spotlights Her Favorite Looks From 12 Storeez Newest Collection

Sweater Vest, Scarf, Skirt, 12 Storeez; Jewelry, talent’s own. Photo: Sam Rawadi

This month, 12 Storeez reveals its one of a kind fashion narrative in the pages of Vogue Arabia, revealing a new collection spotlighting smooth and textured leather, soft suede, hairy wool, and Italian cotton.

Hala Abdullah – entrepreneur, model and social media influencer – steps into her favorite looks, showcasing eclectic cotton-knit sets in royal purple, tailored trios in ivory that can be adapted depending on one’s mood, a lustrous silk dress, easy everyday accessories, and more. This month’s capsule ensures that the autumn wardrobe is ready for busy days in the city; from the workplace in the day, all through to dinner plans in the evening.

Jacket, skirt, shoes, 12 Storeez; Jewelry, talent’s own. Photo: Sam Rawadi

Firmly planting down roots in Dubai by opening retail locations in both Dubai Mall and Marina Mall, 12 Storeez focuses on soft colors and natural textures, placing the customer at the heart of its in-store experience ensuring light, space and comfort within their spaces.

For the Middle East’s fashion conscious who see over and above passing trends, 12 Storeez delivers, and how! With each piece, the brand promises enduring elegance, standout style, and a heart for sustainability. 

Vest, jacket, trousers, shoes, bag, 12 Storeez; Jewelry, talent’s own. Photo: Sam Rawadi

The brand focuses on bringing lifelong apparel to every woman, promising a wardrobe that grows and evolves with her, transcending fashion fads and trends, and allowing for each story to sit in her wardrobe and complement her existing pieces. 

As 12 Storeez focuses on expanding its home in the Middle East, it’s this earth-friendly ethos, storytelling charm, and dedication to women everywhere that truly sets it apart from the rest. And that’s not all. Below, take a closer look at Hala Abdallah in her favorite designs.

Dress, coat, shoes, bag, 12 Stoeez; Jewelry, talent’s own. Photo: Sam Rawadi

Photographer: Sam Rawadi 
Stylist: Jennifer Kolomoni 
Photography Assistant: Mansour 
Style Assistant: Maria Leontyeva
Production: Malaika Naik 
Talent: Hala Abdullah 

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