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Hailey Bieber’s Lime Green Satin Blouse Deserves a Spot in Your Summer Closet



When it comes to acing an off-duty look, Hailey Bieber has it down pat. Her go-to daytime outfits always feature the same key components: a cropped white T-shirt, high-waisted jorts, a leather jacket and loafers (or fisherman sandals with socks). Her recent looks have revolved around neutral tones like black, white, beige and navy. But now, it seems that Hailey is in need of a hit of color, as she just embraced the most vivid shade of green.

Running errands in Los Angeles, the model and Rhode skincare founder wore several familiar elements of her daytime uniform: loose-fitting blue jeans, gold jewelry, black leather loafers and black micro-sunglasses. The twist? Hailey introduced a burst of vibrant color with a midriff-baring lime-green silk-satin top from Prada, and an oversized Bottega Veneta pouch clutch in the same zesty green shade.


Although Mrs Bieber doesn’t shy away from a colorful look, these choices are typically reserved for after dark. Remember when she rocked that hot pink corseted Versace minidress? What about the tangerine off-the-shoulder Isabel Marant number that she sported last Christmas? However, her latest daytime ensemble demonstrates her ability to confidently wear a full spectrum of colors at any time. Perhaps this is the beginning of Hailey’s new take on her supermodel off-duty uniform.

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