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A New Line of Hijabs for All Skin Tones

Courtesy of Habiba Da Silva

Courtesy of Habiba Da Silva
Photo: WWAGS.

Habiba Da Silva—better known to her Instagram followers as @lifelongpercussion (648k)—has launched a range of stylish hijabs. The collection, which is appropriately dubbed Skin, is inclusive of each skin tone. The UK-based blogger, who comes from a mixed Lebanese and Brazilian background, aims to celebrate the beauty of diversity. “The range was inspired by the lack of multi-racial models used for most modest fashion brands and campaigns,” explains the 22-year-old, listing fellow hijab-wearing fashion influencer Hodan Yusuf (@cheeseandxalwo) as the brand’s muse.

The flesh-toned collection, which is created using non-slippery, fine cotton (meaning the designs can be worn comfortably without pins), features a range of nude wraps, from porcelain to deep chocolate. The designs’ names are in different languages, including Arabic and Urdu, and stand for facets of marriage across cultures; “Zaffeh” translates as “wedding march” in Arabic, and “Aroosada” borrows its name from the Somali word for bride. Da Silva, who began wearing the hijab as a ten-year-old, because she “loved the way it looked on [her] mother and found it beautiful that women are able to choose how and who to show their bodies [to],” launched the line in fall. Each scarf retails for US $25; AED/SAR 92.

The concept of diversifying nude tones is thankfully becoming increasingly popular. Christian Louboutin made headlines when he expanded his line of signature heels to include seven different hues in order to match a wider range of skin tones. More importantly, beauty brands are becoming more inclusive with their color cosmetics, too.

Meanwhile, boundary-breakers Halima Aden, Nura Afia, and Mariah Idrissi caused a stir as the first hijabi women to appear on major runways and in campaigns. “I believe this is our chance to take our stance within mainstream industries while representing our roots and beliefs,” says Da Silva.

Speaking of what’s next for her, Da Silva notes: “I plan to eventually expand my brand above and beyond scarves, starting with hijab collections that represent my mixed identity.”

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