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Gigi Hadid Just Got a Septum Piercing – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About the Hottest Piercing Trend


Is it just us or have septum piercings taken over as the new cool-girl piercing to get? #SeptumPiercing has over 1.7 billion views on TikTok (and plenty of videos to go alongside it, so if you’re not squeamish and want to see what the process involves, xxx).

Just this week, Gigi Hadid debuted a spiked ring through her nose, while attending the CFDA awards in New York City. The event, which celebrates fashion and expression, also saw the model opt for a gray lip. And, while we’re not sure whether the piercing is a faux fleeting appearance, or a more permanent look for the model, she’s not the only celebrity fan to enjoy the piercing.


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Cynthia Erivo has long rocked the piercing. The actress and singer (who is currently rehearsing for her role of Elphaba alongside Ariana Grande as Glinda in the film remake of Wicked) told The Times: “Being able to work a septum piercing on the red carpet just feels liberating.”


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And, actress Florence Pugh even took her Instagram followers along for the ride when she got her septum pierced, posting pictures with the needle through the centre of her nose. “When you want to be a cool grown up and get a cool new piercing and you instantly fail, go green and then faint. Praise the piercing heavens for my trusty @zoelisterjones to have a handy lollipop to make me feel better. FAAAAAANKS,” she wrote in the caption alongside a heads-up: “Warning – last slide will make your stomach scream.”


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So, in case you’re intrigued, we spoke to piercer Lucy, a piercer at ultra-stylish piercers, Sacred Gold, to let us in on everything you need to know before you get your septum pierced.

What is a septum piercing?

“A septum piercing is a piercing in the centre part of the nose in between the nostrils. It is placed in the thin bit of skin between the thicker part at the bottom and the cartilage above, we call this the ‘sweet spot’. A ring is commonly worn in this piercing, and it can be as decorative or as plain as the wearer wants,” Lucy explains. “These piercings date back hundreds of years and have been associated with many different religions and cultures. Over the past few years, they have become vastly popular for both men and women,” she adds.

How much does a septum piercing hurt?

“A septum piercing (like all piercings) if performed properly should be quick and fairly painless,” she says. But as we know, pain is relative and the septum is a particularly sensitive area to get pierced (you know how much it hurts to get hit in the nose). As for the pain scale, it will totally depend on who you ask. “It will make your eyes water though,” says Lucy.

How long does it take to heal?

“Healing times for this can vary depending from person to person,” Lucy says, “but we would normally expect this piercing to take between three and four months to heal.” It can take up to a year for the scar tissue to fully heal, though.

What aftercare is required?

“It should be checked for ‘crusties’ and cleaned with a sterile saline solution morning and night. The inside of the nose can be a delicate area so gentle irrigation should only be needed when the crusties form,” says Lucy. And, the best thing you can do in between, is leave it alone. No touching, twisting or fiddling.

Are there any side-effects?

As with all piercings, there’s a risk of infection involved. So keep a close eye on the site while it heals and monitor for swelling or oozing as this could be a sign the area is irritated. If you’re worried, go back to your piercer for advice.

How long until you can change the jewelry?

Lucy recommends a minimum of 12 weeks before your jewelry can be changed.

How much does a septum piercing cost?

As for price it should start somewhere from £30-£40 (AED 174), but it can cost more depending on where you go and the jewelry you choose.

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