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Gigi Hadid Just Played a New Fashion Video Game as Herself

Gigi Hadid. Instagram/@gigihadid

Alongside the many special things that come with having a solo Vogue cover, Gigi Hadid has also received her very own fashion video game.

The Palestinian-American model was filmed playing the game as herself for Vogue. Navigating a fiction fantasyland as a three-dimensional animation of herself in the game, Hadid’s challenges include going grocery shopping to make her internet-famous spicy pasta or floating in the sky and collecting coins. Like any other game, to advance, you have to pass levels to gain new items. Likewise, Hadid had to unlock new levels to earn some stellar new outfits.

Vogue’s creative team assigned director and Hadid’s friend and stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson to bring the project to life. For two months, O’Herlihy worked with a group of 3D artists across the globe, including Carol Civre, who worked on three dimensioning Hadid. Timo Rusall worked to render the designer clothes from labels including Celine, Chanel and JW Anderson, and Wan worked on the accessories we see throughout the video game.

For level one of the game, we see Hadid waltzing around a grocery store to collect ingredients for her renowned pasta recipe and earns “Gigi Cache” for each object she passes by. To get to level three, the supermodel had to make the pasta. Hadid achieves a new superpower at level three: superstrength, where she turns into a Godzilla-like creature. Her challenge is to navigate through New York City and get to work on time. Level four transports Hadid back in time to her stables, where we see her jumping over obstacles while sipping tea. The final level concluded with Hadid possessing an extreme superpower: flight. The game finished with the supermodel claiming her prize, which is none other than her Vogue cover.

Watch the full video below.

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