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International Fair GenovaJeans’s New Musical Documentary Looks Back at the History of the Garment

Photography: Carla Guler

GenovaJeans has announced the launch of its immersive digital platform along with a musical documentary, ahead of the annual trade show. Taking place from September 2-6, the event will journey through the history of jeans and future innovations. As the first of its kind in the world, the event will also focus on sustainable innovations pertaining to the production of jeans.

A still from the documentary. Photo: Courtesy of GenovaJeans

The five-day show along the Jeans Street entails a tour of interactive exhibitions, performances and conferences in association with Diesel, Candiani Denim, various artists, Unicef and many more, including an upcycling station with Green Chic for repurposing old jeans. Expect Diesel to present its “replica of the first jeans ever,” and Unicef to exhibit its renowned Pigotte in jeans. Conferences are set to discuss themes covering the history of jeans, its connection to sustainability, social change and women empowerment. The event will be marked by the famed Genoa Lantern lighting blue at sunset.

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Titled Jeans — The Genoa -R- Evolution, the film has been produced by Pulse Films Italia and directed by Tobia Passigato and Laura Borgio. The musical documentary traces the history of the garment and its relationship with the city, while performances from musicians Jack Savoretti and Rodrigo D’Erasmo pay homage to Genoa and its artists. The film is a journey that begins with Teramo Piaggio indigo canvases in 1540, continuing to the 70s and its foray into the fashion world and concluding with a look into the past honoring the Expedition of the Thousand in 1860. The simultaneous musical journey in the film ranges from Jack Savoretti’s song “Home,” with a reinterpretation of Fabrizio De André’s song “Via del Campo” and ending with an original composition by Niccolò Paganini, who drew inspiration from Capriccio n.24.

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