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How Eighth Generation Jeweler Nour Jahan is Celebrating Light with Her New Line

Designer Nour Jahan. Photo: Courtesy of Nour by Jahan

As part of the dynasty behind one of Geneva’s most exclusive jewelry firms Jahan Jewellery, Nour Jahan is a scion of an artistic, creative powerhouse. Her new eponymous line, Nour by Jahan, celebrates her very name, “light,” and in the year since its founding, has already found a popular following among royals and the ultra elite.

Photo: Courtesy of Nour by Jahan

Only 22, Jahan fell in love with jewelry as a young girl. Surrounded by passion, art, and craft from day one, she says of her family’s jewelry business, “I instantly knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.” While her family moved to Saudi more than 30 years ago, they established their headquarters in Geneva and Jahan was born and raised in the Swiss city. It was at university in London that Jahan started designing, quickly going on to become the first Jahan woman to work at the company in its 170 years of history. “While still in school in Geneva, every day after class I would head straight to our workshop to watch beautiful jewels being created by my uncle Shahpour, CEO of the Jahan Company. I would sit by his side as he analyzed gemstones and refined his designs. With the stones laid out before him, he would explain to me who they were for and what he intended to do with each one. I was fascinated by his boundless knowledge and appreciation of gemmology.”

Play bangle in rose gold. Photo: Courtesy of Nour by Jahan

Jewelers to 35 kings, Jahan Jewellery has flourished in the Middle East and beyond. Personal service is key, along with its “near-miraculous ability to source the most magnificent gems,” according to Jahan. Replete with statement pieces, every design in the new line combines a unique accumulation of knowledge. Her Persian heritage and upbringing have positioned her. “Each design has a special meaning, a story to tell, and I want each jewel to be the wearer’s favorite piece,” she says.

Multicolor sapphire bracelet. Photo: Courtesy of Nour by Jahan

The Nour by Jahan collections all share a common foundation: light. Every piece shines, and movement is a central concept – the stones often appear to float, or dance. The latest collection, called Passion, celebrates the magic of precious stones, rubies, and sapphires. “I have created complete sets which focus on the splendid color of the stone to celebrate them in their full glory,” notes the designer. Vibrant, handpicked sapphires, rubies, and diamonds are placed in harmony in subtly concealed 18ct handcrafted gold settings, inviting the stones to dazzle. “I only choose gems from the best mines in the best locations around the world to ensure the highest quality,” says Jahan.

Play earrings in white gold. Photo: Courtesy of Nour by Jahan

All jewels comply with many initiatives that help make the trade more transparent, like the Kimberly Process for diamonds. “Such procedures not only promote positive development in the country of origin but also reassure clients of our ethicality and responsibility,” assures Jahan. “We are proud to say that all members of our supply chain share the same values and sustainability process.” Each stone is handpicked, and Jahan mentions that she particularly loves blue, pink, and purple sapphires, though diamonds are her personal favorites. “My next design will feature emeralds,” she says, “which I believe bring positive energy; their green color a symbol of hope”.

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Originally published in the October 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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