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Dolce & Gabbana High Jewelry Showcase is a Feast for the Eyes

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Gioielleria

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Gioielleria. Courtesy Dolce & Gabbana

Two Ukrainian women, dressed head-to-toe in Dolce & Gabbana, are enjoying desert at a table in a courtyard in the heart of Florence. They are jovial and laughing, if slightly prodding each other, for, as life would have it, they are both eyeing the same pearl high jewelry necklace on limited display at the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. The first appointment of Dolce & Gabbana’s three-day affair celebrating beauty and its renaissance is the Italian house’s high jewelry showcase.

Displayed in the gilded and art-filled rooms of the pharmacy, which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2012 and is considered to be Europe’s first workshop, the high jewelry is a resplendent manifesto of handmade in Italy and the marriage of tradition and innovation. Alongside flacons of potions first created by Dominican monks lay a feast for the eyes in the shape of rare mouth-watering stones—a diamond necklace bearing a Mozambican Paraiba tourmaline was particularly enchanting—from across the world and fastened by Italy’s finest goldsmiths and stone cutters. While the stones lit up the room with their kaleidoscope of colors, upon closer look, hand-painted miniatures, or stones fastened as cherries, strawberries, flowers, or birds, had an equally tantalizing effect. Quickly, the busts bearing dressed with earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches, stood empty, as women tried them on, delighted to be dressing up, once again.

Explore the gallery below to see the Dolce & Gabbana high jewelry collection on display at the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

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