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Mad for Pearls? This New Chanel Collection was Literally Made for You

Chanel pearls

Coco Chanel, Photo by Man Ray, 1935. Courtesy Chanel

Sportswear, eveningwear, day, night, there was never an occasion when Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel did not drape herself in pearls. Whether designed as earrings, single-strand necklace looped around her neck, or a tourbillon of sautoirs falling to her waist, Chanel positively dripped with pearls. The love affair reportedly began after she discovered a Renaissance court portrait by Italian artist Veronese. Beguiled by the generous feminine nature of the pearls, and their delicate, moon-like glow, they offered the ideal jewel to highlight her innate masculine-feminine duality. In Les Années Chanel by Pierre Galante, Georges Auric shares how, on an evening in 1925 she broke her almost two-meter long pearl necklace while dancing the Charleston. He adds that she was rather bemused to watch the suited men on all fours scramble about on the floor in search of the gems. Towards the end of her life, in her suite at the Ritz Paris, her essentials included three beige suits and her pearls.

These memories are revivied with the new high jewelry collection Secrets d’Orients, a high jewelry capsule collection for the Middle East. Two sets feature Akoya pearls and imperial topaz, evoking the region’s vibrant and warm colors and echoing the geometry of the mashrabiya from which pearls dangle. Gold paved with diamonds, the opulent sets are to add to your Eid wish list. Available at Chanel boutiques in the Middle East

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