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The French Jeweler Behind Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Diamond Necklace

Beyoncé's Super Bowl Diamond necklace

Beyoncé in a Messika diamond necklace. Courtesy Messika

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl diamond necklace is a custom-made piece especially created by Valérie Messika. Styled like a choker representing musical vibrations, it nods to the equalizers that oscillate on monitors of recording studios. At its center, signifying sound, is a 17-carat pear diamond, which Messika featured overturned, to showcase its “resolutely rock and disruptive side.”

Beyoncé Super Bowl diamond necklace

Messika for Beyoncé – Diamond Equalizer necklace. Courtesy Messika

“I dreamed of designing for Beyoncé, a piece that would embody her style, while remaining faithful to the DNA of our house,” says Messika. “B is a queen, and the idea was to imagine an anarchic adornment with all these barrettes which intertwine with a sequence of baguette and round diamonds to create rhythm. But this chaos ends up finding a certain order and highlights the pear diamond.”

In January, Vogue Arabia attended an exclusive ladies dinner hosted by Messika and  with a menu prepared by two-star Michelin chef Hélène Darroze. While dining in a private apartment overlooking the Louvre Museum, Messika remembered how Beyoncé had fallen in love with a Messika ring some years prior, wearing it for her visit to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa with husband Jay-Z. The superstar singer has since worn Messika on several special occasions, including her annual ROC Nation Brunch.

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