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Here’s Why Sisterhood Is at The Core of Fendi

The Quann Sisters. Supplied

For the latest installment of their #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign, Fendi has enlisted the help of identical twin sisters, Cipriana Quann, blogger and founder of, and TK Wonder, musician, and electronic music producer.

The luxury fashion house has featured iconic families worldwide including the Kardashians in the previous chapters of its campaign. In the video shot for their latest episode, the Quann sisters are captured hanging out in the streets of Manhattan with the Fendi Peekaboo bags in their hands as Family Affair by American singer Mary J. Blige plays in the background.

The Quann Sisters. Supplied

Find out more about the Quann sisters, their relationship with Fendi and the city of New York in an exclusive interview below.

How would you describe yourself? Which is a characteristic you have in common with the Peekaboo?

TK: Confidence. I worked very hard to gain confidence and embrace the woman I am especially when others did not embrace the way I looked. My confidence like the FENDI Peekaboobag is durable, lasting and strong.

Cipriana: I’m not the best at describing myself but I will say this, it took me a long time to truly love the woman I am today, once I did I begin to see the quiet elegance and strength it took to simply be who I wanted to be. The Peekaboo bag is eloquent yet strong, a resemblance I can now see in myself

The Quann Sisters. Supplied

Use one word to describe your sister

TK: Incomparable. Some might find this description a catch 22 since we are identical twins and we are compared to each other all the time, but this is how I see my sister

Cipriana: Fearless and intelligent.

Would you define the Peekaboo as Timeless? Why?

TK: Yes. Timeless pieces are items you can don ir cherish for life and the Peekaboobag certainly falls under that category.

Cipriana: Yes, because beyond aesthetics the tailoring and quality of the bag is what lasts forever.

The Quann Sisters. Supplied

Tell us about New York. Why is it so inspiring to you?

TK: The type of energy in NYC is unparalleled. It’s such a creative force that you feel when you work and live in this city. 

Cipriana: The energy, determination, creativity and inclusive population of those who live here. It is an unforgiving city, but it can also bring out strength and perseverance in you, that you did not know existed.

What do you think you have in common with the Fendi Woman?

TK: As the Fendi woman, I believe we all share a common bond of sisterhood.

Cipriana: I think every woman is unique but shares so many similarities. We are different yet united and that is what makes all women beautiful. I think the Fendi woman recognizes the strength in women.

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