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Fawaz Gruosi Shares the Top Three Tips Every Woman Should Follow When Investing in Jewelry


Hend Sabri wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi

When Egyptian star Youssra and renowned jewelry designer Fawaz Gruosi stepped out on the red carpet at the Red Sea International Film Festival, it was only fair for the duo to mark the moment of sophistication, elegance, and luxury. Youssra, wearing a white gold necklace set with diamonds, rubies and turquoise drops, shone as brightly as her jewelry set next to Gruosi, who partnered up with the film festival to drape some of its most stunning visitors in his unique creations.


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Counting the likes of Sharon Stone among his celebrity loyalists, Gruosi worked closely with Hend Sabri, Irina Shayk, Shanina Shaik, and Candice Swanepoel to bring together the jewelry pieces that worked best with their ensembles for the opening night of the Red Sea Film Festival. And his efforts paid off—As Sabri walked the red carpet in an off-white long sleeve dress distinguished by its simplicity, her neck dazzled with an emerald choker that almost perfectly demonstrated “the Fawaz Gruosi brand coming to life when it is matched with the perfect woman.” In fact, each woman who was seen in Gruosi’s creations that evening seemed to create a moment of magic in Jeddah, proving that no one can do what he does. “For me, it’s not about who I would like to see wearing my pieces, it’s about the women wanting to wear them. If they are drawn to a Fawaz Gruosi design, we would always want to see how we could build that relationship,” the icon shares with Vogue Arabia in a special interview. “I am incredibly lucky to work with some of the world’s most precious gems; and to design and craft them into beautiful pieces that bring real joy to my clients. My team have been with me for many years, and we have taken great pride in crafting a business that is reflective of our values.”


Sharon Stone wearing Fawaz Gruosi at the ‘No Time To Die’ premiere in 2021. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi

Fawaz Gruosi’s Lebanese background shines through his bold compositions, often inspired by the Arab aesthetic. “Our Colorissima Collection channels the magic of color that you find across the Gulf, and I often think the Amber Collection is very reminiscent of the color tones of agarwood, which is, of course where the Gulf’s favourite scent, oud, comes from,” Gruosi explains. And when it was time for the Red Sea Film Festival to finally light up the city of Jeddah, the jewelry mogul couldn’t resist becoming a part of the journey. “Film and cinema have always been the home of truly glamorous women, and with the huge changes that have come in Saudi Arabia in the past few years, it felt right to be bringing together the Fawaz Gruosi brand with the RSIFF. It has truly been a joy to be in the Kingdom after all these years, and to see the women looking so fantastic in their gowns and their jewels on the red carpet. This was on a parallel with the other fabulous film festivals around the world such as Cannes or Venice.”


Candice Swanepoel wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi

But what of the women who don’t live their lives at film festivals, but love a little glamour nonetheless? With the holiday season slowly approaching, Gruosi advises women interested in becoming a part of the Fawaz Gruosi family to make their jewel choices wisely. “I believe earrings a great place to start as they frame the face and can be worn to any event when you want to sparkle. Of course, a matching necklace or bracelet always elevates the look!” he shares. And for investment pieces, his advice couldn’t be simpler. “First of all, think long-term. This is a serious investment, so you want to be as happy in ten years’ time as you are the day you buy. Secondly, work with your jeweler. At Fawaz Gruosi, we have our fabulous collections but there is nothing I like more than working directly with a client to create something bespoke. Finally, be bold with your jewel choices. There are so many options to play with, from different cuts of emeralds to unusual stones such as tsavorite and onyx. I also love to use different materials such as black ceramic. There’s a whole world to choices to be explored, so be brave!”


Shanina Shaik wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi


Tina Kunakey wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi


Mayssa Maghrebi wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi


Irina Shayk wearing Fawaz Gruosi jewelry. Photo: Courtesy Fawaz Gruosi


Fawaz Gruosi. Photo: Damian Foxe

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