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This Kuwaiti Blogger’s Collaboration with SHEIN Has You Covered for Party Season

Farah Al Hady. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

Kuwaiti fashion blogger Farah Al Hady has once again joined forces with global e-tailer SHEIN ahead of Black Friday. This time, their collaboration features five unique collections tailor-made to fit Al Hady’s stylistic temperament and her aim to inspire every woman’s winter wardrobe.

The Diva in You collection is a glamorous answer to the upcoming party season calling, giving women and their daughters every excuse to sparkle and turn heads with vibrant colors, bold silhouettes, and prints. The Forever Young: Mother & Daughter collection celebrates unapologetic femininity and the shared love for fashion through matching pieces that women and their daughters can enjoy. Reflecting on the future of workwear fashion, the 2050 collection offers elegant power and urban luxe through building on Al Hady’s favorite closet staples like blazers, corsets, and a classic tweed suit.

Vintage Addiction. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

Vintage Addiction reincarnates the 70s with dreamy outfits laced with elegance, perfect for social and business gatherings. Al Hady’s long admiration for the era of disco, bell-bottoms, and graphic liners was mirrored in the collection with fringed accents, flared sleeves, and loud prints. Demonstrating a refreshing sense of daily elegance, Fairytale Endings brings pieces like a layered jacket with a leather midi skirt or an oversized knitted sweater to the party scene through elements that illustrate effortless sophistication.

Empowering women to express their individuality through affordable fashion, SHEIN collaborates with world-renowned names, making Al Hady the first Arab influencer to work with the brand last year. Below, learn more about the collaboration from Al Hady.

Forever Young. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

What was the process of creating this collection like? 

SHEIN provides many design scripts for me to choose from at first. I carefully selected each theme and provided suggestions in material and design to fit my own style. When the actual items came, I planned the lookbook shooting plan and also named every collection.

What about the style from the 60s and 70s do you love?

I like the fashion of the 70s. This era heralds new freedom of expression and there is no single way of dressing. Many elements from the 70s are also very popular now, such as fringed accents, flared sleeves, and prints, which have given me a lot of inspiration.

Fairytale Endings. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

According to you, what are the five pieces that every woman will need in her wardrobe for years to come?

1. High-quality denim: Denim will never go out of style.
2. The perfect white T-shirt: It will be the most commonly worn item in your closet.
3. Wrap dress: Suitable for all body types.
4. An oversized sweater: Cable knit sweater and tailored pants look very unique.
5. A trench coat: It is very practical.

2050. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

What is the key to a feminine outfit?

Proper fit is essential for looking feminine. Choose clothes made of fabrics that are inherently feminine such as lace, silk, and chiffon.

What was your ultimate goal with creating the collections?

As always, I’m trying to make sure that the pieces we are creating will fit any occasion, any time, and are for anyone. I want young girls, women, and even mothers to be able to find fashionable items that will last for a lifetime and can be worn easily. It’s important to love the items we choose to buy and wear, and especially to feel confident and happy while wearing them. I’m also trying to make happy memories for mothers and their daughters! Memories are important to me and I always keep items that are related to a happy moment such as dresses, bags, even empty perfume bottles or plane tickets, to be able to relive those moments again through them. It brings me joy to know that an item of mine can bring happiness and stand for special memories for someone in the future.

The Diva in You. Photo: Courtesy of SHEIN

What’s your hack to looking party-ready in five minutes?

Visit a dermatologist for facial treatment a week before, make a mask that suits your skin type, and plan your makeup the night before—nothing saves time like organizing. Decide what you want to do the day before the party to speed up the process.

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