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Why You Should Be Investing in Linen this Summer and Beyond

Facil Blanco

Courtesy of Fácil Blanco.

Forget family portraits and all-white weddings – linen is making a comeback like never before. Spearheading this revolution is Fácil Blanco, a Dubai-based brand that works with the finest Italian linens sourced from the heart of Milan. Paying homage to its Middle Eastern routes, details include hand-stitched embroidery reminiscent of the dunes that dot the desert, and mother-of-pearl finishings inspired by the UAE’s renowned pearling industry. Giving the age-old material an update, silhouettes are sleek with the brand sticking to a palette of classic white.

Fácil Blanco

Courtesy of Fácil Blanco.

However, it’s not just the style of the pieces that make them so covetable. Linen is known for its cooling properties. The perfect partner for modest dressing, its lightweight feel allows for easy ventilation, and with high moisture absorptivity, it won’t stick to skin. Unlike synthetic materials which have been proven to damage the earth, linen is long-lasting. Harvested from the flax plant, it is known for its ability to withstand insects and pests, meaning less of a need for pesticides. Growing in poor quality, it also requires little water compared to even cotton making it a seriously eco-friendly resource. Lasting for decades, Linen is pushing sustainability as the new luxury.

Fácil Blanco is available here.

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