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The Luxury Custom Jewelry Brand on Our Radar

Fabula Jewels is a Dubai-based jewelry brand established in 2015 by friends Darine Abu Salim and Saada Majored. The duo, who hail from Jordan and Syria respectively, specializes in creating luxurious custom jewelry at accessible prices. Each bespoke ring, necklace, earrings, anklet, chokers and bracelet tells its own story – Fabula means “story” in Latin – and the brand has also caught the attention of fashion bloggers across the region, including Kuwaiti social media sensation Dana Al Tuwarish. Each piece of 18-karat yellow, rose, and white gold jewelry is handmade to spell out names, zodiac signs, signatures, a heartbeat and virtually any slogan the heart desires, which makes them a personal and thoughtful gift that’s just a WhatsApp inquiry away. Vogue Arabia talks to the designers about dressing in their grandmother’s jewelry and how tattoos inspired their latest collection, Constellations.

On launching the brand
“Saada used to dress up in her grandmother’s jewelry. She always asked her parents for jewelry as gifts, until she decided to start making her own jewelry, which is essentially how Fabula launched. We started the brand two years ago, selling to our friends and family members. We saw a major gap in the market for everyday valuable and customizable jewelry, and decided to continue. Jewelry for us is a form of expression, which is why we focus on customized pieces. It makes it more special and personal to wear something that’s part of your character and personality.”

On naming the brand
“Fabula means ‘story’ in Latin. We want to ensure that each piece tells the story of the wearer. Whether the necklace has a child’s name or a zodiac sign, all of our pieces are handmade to suit the person’s taste. You can also customize thoughtful details, down to the length of the chain and choice of precious stone.”

On creating the Constellations collection
“Our latest collection Constellations collection stands out from the rest because it’s a very new concept of horoscopes, which are so eye-catching. Tattoos also inspired this collection, because they are almost always meaningful to the person, and they stay with a person forever. We wanted to make meaningful pieces for people to wear every day and that will last a lifetime.”

On the future
“We will soon be showcasing our designs at Harvey Nichols in Kuwait. People can also order via email or WhatsApp, and we participate in pop-ups and store collaborations, which we usually announce on our Instagram page.”

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