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Exclusive: Lebanese Designer Karoline Lang’s SS23 Collection Turns Architecture Into Wearable Art

Photo: Gilles Abenhaim

It’s that time of the year again. After a roaring Milan Fashion Week that was full of viral moments, the world’s lens is now on Paris, where designers are rolling out their all-new Spring/Summer 2023 collection one day at a time. Among the many presentations to take note of is the latest offering by Lebanese brand Karoline Lang, whose new line opens to the public today. Founded by Karine Tawil, the brand embodies all things Parisian—after all, its flagship store sits right at Avenue Montaigne, Paris. And while Tawil’s pieces usually take inspiration from the movement of their wearer, her latest offering is a little different from anything she’s tried before. This time around, the Karoline Lang presentation spotlights ensembles that bring to life the architectural elements that make Paris’s streets come alive. How so? Read on to find out, and take a closer look at Karoline Lang’s S/S 2023 collection.

Tell us a little bit about your latest collection. What was the inspiration behind it? How did you translate your inspiration into reality?

Architecture and high decoration are my main source of inspiration. I am inspired by artisans passionate about traditions and know-how. To set the scene for this collection, I have chosen the historic wood manufacturing house, Maison Féau in the heart of the 17th arrondissement in Paris. Founded in 1875, Maison Féau designed and installed woodwork inside the most sumptuous Parisian hotels of the late 19th century, employing pure neoclassical designs. Our collection is rich in prints and motifs that are borrowed from high decoration textures: marble, tortoise shell, and lace details that resemble moldings. The collection combines the old and the new and celebrates quality through elaborate craftsmanship. I love creating pieces with a human hand. It’s a ready to wear collection but you can feel the soul of the person who crafted each piece. This collection is about reality dressing and how to elevate the everyday.

Was designing always a dream of yours? What did you aspire to become when you were a child?

I have always lived in a bubble that is why it became artistic. My aspiration was to create. When I was a child I wanted to be an architect like my mom but I ended up in fashion by accident. I consider myself to be creative before anything else, that’s my true nature.

Photo: Gilles Abenhaim

Can you share your first memory related to fashion with us?

When I was a child, my mother used to create her own clothing with a seamstress that came to our house on a regular basis. I have a vivid memory of her choosing her patterns and fabrics and doing her fittings. It must have marked me.

Sharp tailoring and vibrant hues seem to mark your newest line. Was it an intentional decision to put forth a series of clothing that spoke of power and sartorial statements?

I started Karoline Lang in 2010 with the dream of empowering women by sharing a specific perspective on design. The garments that I create are built like a second skin and help women feel good and happy in their own skin. Sharp tailoring and sartorial elegance have always been part of the brand and will always be.

Photo: Gilles Abenhaim

Who is the Karoline Lang woman? Can you describe her in three words?

She is authentic, she has a cultivated and detail-oriented femininity, she is comfortable in her own skin and powerful.

What’s your favorite trend this season, and how do you recommend one wear it?

Karoline Lang garments are made for sartorial enthusiasts that are interested in wearing garments that are timeless in both look and construction that appreciate handwork, artisan craftsmanship details and elegant fabrics.

Photo: Gilles Abenhaim

If you could pick one favorite piece from your latest collection, which one would it be?

Probably the tortoise shell print dress that is inspired by high decoration furniture. It’s bold, daring and makes a statement all by itself.

Lastly, what’s the best thing about fashion according to you?

Fashion is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to making you feel confident. I like to create clothing that makes women feel that.

Photo: Gilles Abenhaim

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