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Exclusive: Watch Chanel’s Couture Fall 2020 Collection Come Alive

Chanel Couture Fall 2020

Chanel Couture Fall 2020. Photo by Mikael Jansson. Courtesy Chanel

It’s difficult to imagine the goings-on within the walls of one of the most celebrated couturiers of all time. Yet, in an exclusive video shared with Vogue Arabia, we discover a hint of what it takes for Chanel to debut one of the most-awaited couture collections of the Fall 2020 season. Providing a  sneak peek into the inimitable 31 rue Cambon, this short black-and-white film delves behind-the-scenes as the maison’s four fabled ateliers gradually bring to life creative director Virginie Viard‘s latest “punk princess” vision of haute couture.

Amid a flurry of French from Chanel’s expert atelier premières and seamstresses appropriately decked out in face masks, the energy in the Chanel Creation Studio is palpable—as though you can feel the unique exhilaration that only comes from creative success through the screen. From touching up exquisitely embroidered tweed jackets to delicately sewing jeweled embellishments on romantic gowns, Parisian fashion documentarian Loïc Prigent captures the excitement (and nerves) surrounding the first fitting as a snip here and a button there elevates each piece to perfection.

“It’s like the first rehearsals of a play,” explained one artisan as a model walks down a makeshift runway in this season’s complex designs. “The first few times, you’re a bit tense. Then everything gets rolling. But it’s good to have a little bit of stress. Otherwise, it would be too easy. It’s never easy,” she concludes with a laugh.

Watch the full video below for this insider’s glimpse into the opulent world of Chanel haute couture.

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