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Exclusive: Cara Delevingne Shoots Stunning Campaign in South Africa

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

Following a brief hiatus from modeling, Cara Delevingne is back with a nail-biting campaign for luxury Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer. Titled “Don’t Crack Under Pressure,” the new advertorial, which was inspired by the dainty lion tattoo on her index finger (an ode to her star sign, Leo) features the model-turned-actress posing in the South African wilderness with the feline looking over her shoulder. The campaign was lensed by British photographer David Yarrow, who has built his successful career from capturing images of endangered species (his prints fetch up to US $60,000). “Working with Cara certainly keeps you very focused. She is who she is — and for all the right reasons.” says the photographer of shooting Delevingne. In an exclusive interview below, the 25-year-old opens up to Vogue Arabia about her favorite part of the shoot, working with Yarrow, and the real reason why she wasn’t scared to pose with a lion.

How was your trip?
“I actually can’t believe this is part of my job. The animals are incredible and the whole experience has been really great.”

These can be dangerous animals. Were you scared?
“I wasn’t. I never felt scared… I was so excited to see all the animals that I didn’t have time to be afraid.”

Where does your passion for animals stem from?
“I’ve always had a great love for animals since I was a kid. Lions are so strong and peaceful at the same time. I don’t want to live in a world without those animals. They are the most beautiful part of nature.”

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

Do you think if people had to take one thing away from you coming here doing this work, what would you want it to be?  
“To respect animals and their habitat.”

What will you take away from the trip?
“So much! It is one of those thing that I can’t quite process because there is so much going on. Being able to be in cage while the lions are roaming freely outside and seeing the leopards is almost surreal.”

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

How was working with David Yarow?
“I have been familiar with David’s work and I think he is an incredible photographer. His pictures of creatures around the world are strong and beautiful. He is incredible and so professional, so I felt completely at ease. He also has a great sense of humor, which made the experience even more fun.”

What does a watch mean to you?
“Watches, especially these, are iconic. And of course, help me stay focused and on time.”

You are so young, yet you have already accomplished so much. What’s next? 
“I am enjoying acting, so continuing to work and of course I want to travel more. I love exploring.”

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

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