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This Emirati Label Will Launch a Unique Series of Clothing for the UAE’s 50th National Day


Photo: Courtesy Musée Poudre

December 2, 2021 is bound to be an unforgettable day in the region, marking the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates. As a celebration of the UAE’s rich history and journey so far, Emirati clothing label Musée Poudre is all set to release a special capsule collection that’s full of interesting elements.

Translating to “a place you can find exceptional pieces” (Musée) and “the flow of powder” (Poudre) to signify the movement of its garments, Musée Poudre enters the market with the aim of offering shoppers modest pieces with a touch of sophistication. To commemorate National Day, the label will launch two special designs, each of which will be available in all four colors of the UAE flag: red, white, green and black. What makes this mini collection so special? Its strategic use of motifs that have become synonymous with the prestige of the country. Look closely and you’ll find the luxurious pieces adorned with detailing like the Arabic symbol for the number ’50’, the falcon, palm trees and the oryx, which is native to the UAE—all in gold, to tie in with the theme of the golden jubilee.


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Along with their indulgent fabrics—100% pure silk—the ease and flow of Musée Poudre’s unique pieces also carry a special meaning: their soft cuts echo the UAE’s focus on living peacefully. And there’s no missing the intricate detailing in each creation. “One design includes panels of silk brocade hand-woven fabric,” elaborates creative director Nemo Azad. “[And the other] is in pure plain silk with zardozi technique, creating a palm tree which is also an invisible zipper to adjust or close the side slits.” If you’re hoping to shop for the whole family, Azad shares a little piece of good news: the first of the two designs will also be available in children’s and teenage sizes.


Photo: Courtesy Musée Poudre

As you gear up to treat yourself this National Day, we give you a sneak peek at the stunning details from Musée Poudre’s upcoming launch, which can very easily be described as a love letter to the United Arab Emirates. Take a look below.


Photo: Courtesy Musée Poudre


Photo: Courtesy Musée Poudre


Photo: Courtesy Musée Poudre

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