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How Emirati Entrepreneur Noora Belselah Practices Shopping With Purpose


Noora Belselah wearing an Off-White shirt

A Healthy Balance

Emirati Noora Belselah works in the aerospace and defense sector and describes herself as an adventurous career woman who loves traveling and exploring new grounds of nature-centered inspiration. She is a hardworking entrepreneur, photography fanatic, and a healthy lifestyle guru. “Nothing comes on a golden plate, and you will always face challenges to reach where you want to be,” she says, quoting advice from her mother. She challenges the boundaries of her entrepreneurial identity as founder of Trend Over Spend, a platform that helps fashion enthusiasts source pieces without over exercising their wallets. She is also a founder of the boutique Lit Fitness Studio that offers a community of fun and fitness under one roof. “I am juggling different roles and projects; however, I believe it’s important and healthy to take time off to unwind and reset,” she says. With so many passions and potential to explore, she maintains a focused mindset by staying organized. “Ideas are easy, but implementation is hard,” she states.


Noora Belselah wearing a Prada bowling shirt, Balenciaga slides, and Louis Vuitton.

Around the Globe

Belselah loves traveling to different parts of the world to meet people, indulge in new cuisines, and explore exciting sights for her lens to catch. Some of her favorites are Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tulum, and India and she always chooses the most fashionable hotels and resorts. She spends her time in Paris at the Sofitel Boutique Hotel, while in Los Angeles, she stays at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. In New York City, she chooses the 1 Hotel and for Mexico, its Azulik Tulum. While in India, the Rajmahal Palace Jaipur becomes her home away from home.


When she’s not resting on a tropical island, her Dubai-based relaxing routine relies on a cup of coffee from Brew on Jumeirah Beach Road and brunch at La Serre. Belselah is also interested in digital art, for its ability to expand creative horizons by reformulating masterpieces by her favorite artists like Van Gogh or even music beats, as witnessed at Expo 2020 Dubai. Her favorite pieces include a Kermit the Frog poster by Supreme and Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection.


One of Noora Belselah’s Gucci jackets.

All in the Details

Whether pulled back in a tight bun or let down in layered locks of chocolate brown, “sleek, clean, looks,” is how Belselah describes her hairstyle. As for fashion, this winter she will rely on classics and cashmere. “I look forward to pulling neutral layered looks to keep me warm,” she shares. Her idea of beauty is rooted in artistry picked up from nature or fashion. “You are the artist and are free to draw the painting you want to portray,” she explains of her style views. “You can reflect your different moods and likes while still maintaining who you are.”


Noora Belselah

Style Staples

Stepping into her experimental wardrobe of sharp cuts and powerful statements – “Prada is life” – Belselah reveals an infatuation with the Italian brand’s bowling shirts and Jerry Lorenzo designed casual staples. She also appreciates the collaborations of her favorite brand, Louis Vuitton, like its Louis Vuitton X Nigo creations. Her admiration for the maison started at an early age. “I was in Paris and asked my mother to purchase the bag for me immediately or else I wouldn’t go to school,” she smiles. “The trick worked!”


Noora Belselah’s Louis Vuitton X Nigo bag

Jewels for Everyday

Paired with her minimal outfits, jewelry pieces that perfectly complement one another add sparkle to her outfits. She never removes gifts from precious people in her life, though, like the tennis bracelet her mother gave her. “I’ve always believed in never taking things off that make you feel connected to the person who gifted it,” she says. “And, of course, a watch is a must as a daily look,” she adds about her Cartier timepiece.

Originally published in the December 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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