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5 Things to Know About Elie Saab’s Medieval-Inspired Fall 2023 Couture Collection

Courtesy of Elie Saab

In a mesmerizing display of artistic mastery, Elie Saab took center stage as the grand maestro of the runway, gracefully maneuvering the queen of his chessboard. In his Fall/Winter 2023-24 couture collection, titled ‘A Glamour of Yore’, Saab skillfully blended the timeless allure of the past with a contemporary vision of opulence. Here, we present five highlights that encapsulate this remarkable collection.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

Powerful silver screen sovereigns inspired the collection

Inspired by the remarkable performances of iconic actresses, Saab took cues from the regal elegance of Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth, the fierce spirit of Sophie Marceau in Braveheart, and the captivating allure of Isabelle Adjani in La Reine Margot. The collection was born from the strength and grace of empowered female figures. Saab embarked on a journey into medieval fashion, reimagining captivating legends and tales that unveiled a bygone era where formidable women were adorned with opulence and splendor.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

The collection manifested the essence of a heroine

Grace, poise, and presence were intricately woven into every garment, exuding an aura of feminine strength. The meticulously crafted silhouettes paid homage to the boundless power of womanhood. Dramatic bell-like capes made of crystalized crepe and velvet dentelle gracefully enveloped the gowns, adding a touch of enchantment.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

The runway shimmered with precious stones

From rubies to amethysts to emeralds, jewels were sewn into the flowing veils and velvet drapery. Pearl drops adorned the silhouettes, creating an enchanting dance of light, and crystal beads glimmered on the bodices.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

Medieval motifs were fused into the collection

Embracing the allure of the medieval era, the garments became a harmonious fusion of contemporary fashion and timeless symbolism. Sequined Tudor roses bloomed across armored shoulders, infusing the designs with romanticism, including gothic motifs like gilded bees and embroidered foliage. At the bottom hems, wispy feathers gently swayed, lending an ethereal touch of near-transparency.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

It was not your traditional bride

As the grand finale unfolded, a bride emerged, carrying a meticulously tailored bouquet of flowers in the same radiant blush pink material from head to toe. Exaggerated, angular shoulders; intricately embroidered lace sleeves; and a flowing medieval veil cap trailed behind, creating an air of magnificence that transcended traditional bridal norms.

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