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Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso Spread the Message of Self-Acceptance Through This Collaboration

Lebanese designers Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso have joined forces on a special project. Dubai-based Ayad’s iconic “You… As Is” slogan T-shirts took the internet by storm after they were launched. The message of self-acceptance, celebrating ourselves as we are and body-positivity was propelled by both social media stars and celebrities online.

Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso. Courtesy

Taking this one step further, acclaimed jewelry designer Kanso has lent the charm of her unmistakeable calligraphy to five limited edition T-shirts that say “You… As Is” in Arabic “أنتكماأنت”.  “When we think about Arabic calligraphy, only one person ever comes to mind and that’s Nadine Kanso,” says Ayad. Besides the colors black and white, the words are imprinted in gold and silver to represent Ayad’s signature metallic hues seen in her creations. 

Dima Ayad x Nadine Kanso T-shirts. Courtesy

“The brand has always looked at collaborations on a global scale so I thought it was time to do something on a regional level,” shared Ayad with “The woman in the Arab world is a woman who should really love herself so what better way to start enforcing that message than here. The collaboration is a call for women to support women and tell them you as you is more than enough,” she added.

Recalled the moment when they happened upon the idea of collaborating Ayad said, “The collaboration came about when a dear friend of ours, Mohammad Al Habtoor invited us for dinner and we happened to sit beside each other. I was admiring her jewelry and told her that I’d love for us to work together on something. We talked about ‘You… As Is’, and asked her how we would translate that in Arabic and hearing that just sparked an instant decision to make the collaboration happen.”

Kanso added, “Having Mohamed Habtoor invite us both that night, sitting next to each other at dinner sparked the idea of the Arabic calligraphy collaboration for ‘You… As Is’. We couldn’t stop repeating “anti kama anti/anta kama anta“… We’ve said it so many times that now it’s like our salutation.”

Dima Ayad x Nadine Kanso T-shirts retail for AED285 and are available to purchase at Facilité for a limited time only – Ground Floor, Building 2, Dubai Design District.

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