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This Venetian Handbag Label is the Latest Luxury Brand to Arrive in the UAE

Courtesy of Dellaluna

Dellaluna, Italian for “of the moon,” is the latest luxury brand to be welcomed in the UAE. Based just off St Mark’s Square in Venice, in a gold and marble 1200’s palazzo of the same name, co-founder Silvia Paulon shares that this is where Venetians would host merchants from the Middle East centuries ago.

Dellaluna Venezia, Affresco ORO Burgundy

Now, it is where its artisans craft jewelry, perfume, and handbags. “The three savoir faires of Venice,” says Paulon, who is in Dubai overseeing the Middle East launch. “Perfume was first created by alchemists in Venice before Louis XIV brought it to France,” she shares.

Dellaluna Stella

As for the bags, whose iconic shades are black, white, Venetian red, and brown, they feature an arabesque design. “Clients here recognize their codes because they came originally from here and then Venetians transformed them.” The top-handle bags are further adorned with hand-molded 18ct plated gold chains that can be worn as bracelets. As for the signature Leone e Stella symbol, it represents good luck and perhaps a nod that all boats go to Venice.

Available at Tryano Abu Dhabi and

Dellaluna Wing Black

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Originally published in the April 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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